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Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out, Patty!

So past time for this

Take the Liberal Lunatics out of office, kicking and screaming, 1 vote at a time! Washington State… it’s time to retire Patty Murray!


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California… You Have Got a Real ‘Wiener’ There!

Callous, Outrageous, Coward are the words that spring to mind when viewing Scott Wiener’s dodging of a FOX News Reporter at his official SF offices. Observe

And this Liberal lackey in a future election, wants to infect the entire state by seat warming in the California state senate.

This is an elected official… dodging the press… over the murder of a female constituent, by a repeat criminal offender and illegal alien, that he & other Liberal ilk protect in a ‘sanctuary city‘. Outrageous! One has to ponder, if this was his potential male paramour or maybe if he was as diligent in the protection of his constituents (KATE STEINLE) as he is in the use of Truvada to avoid AIDS, would the results be different? I believe that if San Francisco officials followed the entire law and not just portions that they ‘felt’ were okay, Kate Steinle would still be alive and her murderer would be back in his own country or prison. But sadly they won’t even respond to questions about the present conditions that they support.

San Francisco’s system of Fruits, Nuts, and Felons does not work!

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Choose Your Button Now

Before the next election get your know or NO on your candidates…


No Clinton
No Communist
No Socialist
No Liberal
No Marxist
No Islamist
No miss speaker
No ‘politically correct’
No divisive
No antagonistic
No wealth redistributor
No Leftist
No Self-Hater
No ‘Constitutional Lawyer’
No Liar
No Agenda

should be associated in any way, shape, or form regarding any candidate for office.

We need a Natural Born American with a moral compass, military supporting, flag waving, honest, CITIZEN for POTUS… along with every other office across these THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Anything less is national suicide.


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More Uninformed Oregon Voters Produce Worst Results

So if Oregon is to become the first state to adopt automatic voter registration and yet

“…has one of the highest voter registration rates in the nation – 73 percent…”

already and voted the ‘Worst U.S. President’ (Obama) into office… TWICE, along with the Worst U.S. Governor’ (John Kitzhaber) into office… FOUR TIMES… why would Oregonians want

MORE UNINTERESTED, IRRESPONSIBLE, UNINFORMED, PROBABLY/MAYBE (?) U.S. Citizens in Oregon pushing all off a financial cliff?

I mean, the track record speaks for itself, and how’s that Governor Kitzhaber assisted Obamacare exchange system working there in Oregon – before during and after his recent resignation?

Oh that’s right… new Governor Kate Brown signs legislation to dissolve the exchange on March 6, 2015… hmm?

Big STATE Government doesn’t work!

Now if only Obama would do a ‘Kitzhaber’ because his Big Federal Government is overdrawn too!

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Press Release

May 5, 2014
For Immediate Release
Sandra Brazier
(818) 371-8150
Dee Jeffries
(661) 288-2355
eVoice America Data LLC
New Internet Platform Calculates and Publishes America’s Consensuses on Top Issues, Nationally and for All DC Representatives, 

Based on
What Americans 

Tell Their DC Reps’s new, patented, internet, take-action platform and technology easily conveys Americans’ personal opinions, potentially in the tens of millions, to their DC elected reps — a realistic number since, according to Gallup, 80% of Americans think America is going in the wrong direction.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 6, 2014

This non-partisan, political, platform also anonymously documents and calculates national consensuses, using Yes/No percentages, on all the top issues facing our country and publishes them to Americans, the media, and elected reps.


eVoiceAmerica also applies this consensus calculation, for the first time ever, to what Americans are telling their individual federal elected representatives (through to generate state and district, issue-specific majority mandates. Using this platform and this new, multilevel consensus percentage data, Americans and the media can finally hold DC representatives accountable at the ballot box if they vote against their constituent majorities.


This consensus data is not a poll, but is based upon personal opinions, each with an issue-specific, Yes/No eVote, that Americans email to their elected representatives in Washington, DC, using eVoiceAmerica. eVoiceAmerica then applies its national, issue-specific, consensus calculation, for the first time ever, to these eVotes to generate American national and representative majority mandates. eVoiceAmerica publishes this multi-level consensus data to the media and Congress to help the “good guys” and require the “bad guys” to vote their constituent mandates, not their party’s ideological mandates.


How is this done? provides each user his personalized list of elected representatives (Graphic 2) each time he logs in and links users to their reps’ official, “Contact Me” email / web forms for dire ct o pinion delivery. Thus, one opinion can be sent to multiple reps at the same time. Now, Americans can flood their representatives’ inboxes with their opinions and eVotes.


Each personal opinion contains a Yes/No, issue-specific eVote check box (Graphic 3). eVoiceAmerica’s percentage data is created by 1) capturing users’ anonymous Yes or No eVotes; 2) converting them into issue-specific national, district, and state Yes/No percentages; and 3) generating daily, issued-based percentage reports for 4) publication to the media, site users, and elected reps giving America new strength in documented numbers.

 In addition, each day Americans can answer the question, “Would You Re-Elect Me?” as to their list of representatives if they could re-vote today (Graphic 4). eVoiceAmerica harvests these anonymous Yes/No votes and publishes them onsite as the previous day’s percentages on each user’s elected representative list . So now, all can see where their reps stand with their constituents on a daily basis. This standing will also influence how reps respond to their constituent majorities. eVoiceAmerica tracks all representatives’ percentage standings daily and over time in its daily data reports. “This is, essentially, a daily, between-elections ballot box which gives a digital pulse to Americans and their representatives. We believe our reps will take notice and respond,” states Dee Jeffries, co-owner of eVoiceAmerica Data LLC.


eVoiceAmerica also provides an issue-based, Information Portal in its take-action platform so eVoiceAmerica members and visitors can learn more about the issues before sending their personal opinions and eVotes to their DC representatives. Users can also submit articles, books, and videos to the information portal and share these resources with their social networks. is the only political, non-partisan, take-action site that has the new and critical percentage “data teeth” that will impact elected representatives where it matters most – the ballot box for the 2014 and 2016 elections. eVoiceAmerica’s new “massroots” percentage data teeth will inform American citizens, the media, and elected reps what America’s national, issue-specific mandates are and drills those down to individual Congressional reps’ state or district. Now American can know and which of their senators and house reps are responding and which are not.


This massroots percentage data is not statistical, “dip stick” polling in which the pollsters decide which issues are polled, by whom, when, and how often. Rather, it represents “America’s Digital Townhall” with potentially millions of participants emailing their personal opinions and eVotes on issues they choose, as oft en as they choose, to the reps they choose: President, House representatives, Senators, Governors, and the Supreme Court (Graphic 5). This massroots data is displayed as Yes/No percentages on site in real time and is published in comprehensive daily data reports.


This same Yes/No percentage data also permits each rep to know what all other representatives’ constituent mandates are. Based on this new eVoiceAmerica data, representatives can now, for the first time ever:


1) Create coalitions with members who have like-minded constituent majorities,
2) Prevent members from voting against their constituent mandates, and
3) C reate coalitions across party lines based on like-minded constituent majorities, eliminating
partisan gridlock. is the first website to make “getting The People involved” a reality. To do so, it offers organizations and the media several customized take-action tools that they can install on their websites with sel f-selected or self-created issues so they can mobilize their audiences and members to deliver opinions to Congress on their organization’s key issues. Issue-specific percentage data generated by these tools are provided daily to the host organizations.


For more information about how eVoiceAmerica works, please view the following videos:


eVoiceAmerica: Intro for New Users


How Organizations Can Benefit from eVoiceAmerica



# # #

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If Hillary Attempts 2016 Just Vote NO to #BANBOSSY the Sow

If as The Gateway Pundit reports in Figures. #BanBossy Campaign Was Started By Clinton Donor – Ahead of 2016 Run is correct, then Americans need to come together to keep ‘Old Bossy the Sow‘ out of office.

Who needs more years of lying, cheating, progressive, socialistic liberalism? NO ONE!

Educate thyself by reading…

The Top Answer to Why Hillary Clinton Will Never Be President…

Was Hillary Lying with Spying Eyeware re: Benghazi?

Hillary Is All Done… There Will Be No Run for President

How Deep is Hillary Clinton in Bed With Projects Gunrunner, Gunwalker, Castaway and Fast & Furious?

Family Ties That Bind to Take Away Your Freedoms

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Denmark vs The State of Arizona on Religious Practices

Denmark’s ‘halal’ and ‘kosher’ controversy where citizens still have the right to import to suit their needs if services are not available.
NFL could pull Super Bowl if Arizona religious rights bill passes by a union of athletes and athletic cronies demanding their way or the highway vs the entire state’s populace.

Which one is the more archaic?

I repeat from previous blog entries:

Signs should be put in place in any US business…

I built this business, I pay my taxes, I  pay my bills and I have the right to refuse service at anytime to anyone! And since it is mine, it is none of your business why!

Bust a Union, Save America. If you want to Decertify Your Union visit that link and learn how. Get out while you can! via the entry Fortuitous – This Labor Day, Labor Unions in Revolt

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Liberal Socialist States Ballot Off Cycle of the General Election

Just as one is wearied of results after voting, and/or since it is not during a major general election, just maybe conservatives will blow it off (thoughts rattling around NEA heads)… as the Liberals stump to grab more money.


Any financial pampering pandering for the recessive progressive Common Core Curriculum forced indoctrination by the so-called ‘educational system’ will not be approved.

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Did Jonathan Narcisse & Friends Hornswoggle Iowa in 2010?

possibly much earlier and/or sometime after…

Jonathan Narcisse

2007-09-06__DR2_Summary Jonathan Narcisse

Narcisse, Jonathan_Narcisse for Iowa_5144_B_Expenditures

Narcisse, Jonathan_Narcisse for Iowa_5144_E_In_Kind

Narcisse, Jonathan_Narcisse for Iowa_5144_F1_Loans_Received

Narcisse, Jonathan_Narcisse for Iowa_5144_DR1_07-28-2010

Narcisse, Jonathan_Narcisse for Iowa_5144_DR2_Summary

Narcisse, Jonathan_Narcisse for Iowa_5144_DR2_Summary ?

2012-01-19__DR2_Summary Jonathan Narcisse

which leads right up to

Richard Marlar




which leads to

Priscilla Marlar

Marlar, Priscilla_Priscilla Marlar for Iowa House_2074_A_Contributions

Marlar, Priscilla_Priscilla Marlar for Iowa House_2074_DR3


Just a quick study guide for Iowa, look to this documented history to predict the future. All docs are now here in one place, with or without, missing details, delay of processing, proper claims etc.


Does a circle of money appear donated from one candidate to another over the cycles of campaigns?
What does happen to any remaining funds when candidates are defeated?
When the destination of mailed donations becomes vacant, what happens?

Please examine the following ‘character’ pieces

re: Jonathan Narcisse

Jonathan Narcisse Is A Loser Who Doesn’t Pay His Bills

Jonathan Narcisse Spirals Out of Control Right Out of the Gate

re: Priscilla Marlar

No Cheating In Iowa! Charges Filed in Washington County; Investigating Voter Fraud

It’s all relative… in more ways than one!

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If Liberal Democrats Want to Tout Income Inequality…

… then why do 4 different Obamacare Marketplace Insurance levels exist?

Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum

The term ‘level’ doesn’t relate to this albatross.

Levels are priced differently, with different limits of coverage, with different deductibles in different states (even to different regions of a state).

And yet, once again, there are different plans exercised by employers to employees. hmm?

So who initiated the worse case of grift upon the American people according to their income, or for sometimes, or for never? That would be every dirty dog Democrat who pushed through ACA in the wee hours of a Congressional shakedown and then signed into “law” via the Usurper.

Now once again, who is furthering income inequality?


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