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Money Wasted on Surveys When Services Are Needed By Our Veterans

As a Military Veteran have you received your ‘Survey of Veteran Enrollees’ Health and Use of Health Care‘ packet for the umpteenth time?


It comes with a prepaid return envelope and a what cost? How much is the human cost vs. any real advancement in health care for OUR Veterans?


The Department of Veterans Affairs obviously knows that this is a duplicated effort as detailed in a portion of the letter received and screen captured above.

The WASTE… as OUR Veterans suffer!

If you want a personal view of the website for the insane and inappropriate line of questioning that is laid out on the form… it is impossible without a pin number.

So much for ease of use, transparency, and reformation during the Obama administration.

There is no greater example of Waste, Fraud, and Abuse by another President since this country’s inception!


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A Veteran’s Notice of Delinquent Government

Received today

How Efficient is our Government?

I sent a letter to the National Personnel Records Center sometime last year. Yes, it’s been so long that I almost forgot I actually had done so!

Anyway, they got back to me today, with a letter Dated January 29, 2015. Postmark is Mar 09 2015. It took THAT LONG to go from a
desktop to the mail room.

Now, here’s the kicker!
It tells me that they have referred the request to another agency and I should expect a reply from the specified office listed in the letter.

I’m hoping I’m still alive before the response gets to me!!!

My question is… how would a widow or widower of a veteran proceed with a burial of their spouse, if the service member gets so little assistance while alive?

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Brian Williams and “Stolen Valor”

by Guest Veteran

Brian Williams and “Stolen Valor”

If you follow the recent “quieting down” of the Brian Williams story of his 2003 story of being shot down in a helicopter while on duty with our heroes there you would think there is nothing to this. All the media lies; so, we are used to this kind of B.S. NOT SO:

This is what “stolen valor” is. We have men and women all over the world giving their lives for our freedom, especially our freedom of speech, Brian. NOT freedom of lying.

Here is another one of the fakes in uniform:

So, are we to consider Brian Williams above this kind of scrutiny, or is he another bum?

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90 Days for a New VA Appointment in Washington State

Every time the liberal Feds ‘progress’, they actually regress…

Take the recently uncovered VA Hospital Death Panel secret delay lists in Arizona, add in a bunch of returning to stateside servicemen and women…

May 6 Grand Forks Guard unit welcomed home after year-long mission in Washington, D.C. ( Same battle fatigue, our weary troops )

April 24 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit returns home after eight-month deployment

April 19 National Guard members return home for Easter

April 14 Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group Returns Home

(to name just a few that occur throughout each and every month, without even adding the daily retiring vets from Viet Nam, Granada, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, etc)

…then shake it all up with perpetual paranoia, incompetence, and NSA monitoring and what do you get?

Standstill and the worst and purposeful lack of care for our Veterans in history.

Reported to me today, up here in Washington State, appointments are running 90 days out, and that’s without an appointment being set. The patient must wait to receive ‘snail mail’ notification that a future 90 day out appointment may be initiated!

Really, Obama, Really?

This is nothing more than a countrywide VA Hospital Death Panel secret appointment delay list!

The Obama Administration wants VETERANS TO DIE QUICKLY!

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Will The House of Representatives Arrest Obama?

If Judge Andrew Napolitano is correct when he declares that

…they can subpoena President Obama. If he resists, we have a constitutional crisis and the third branch, a judge would hear it…

Will Speaker John Boehner, third in line to the Presidency, stand up and demand that the Sergeant at Arms of the House of Representatives, Paul D. Irving, arrest and/or detain the suspected treasonous traitor Obama if he shows? I can’t imagine that Speaker Boehner announced a special or Select Committee on Benghazi just for kicks!

Here’s hoping!


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How to compare Bengazi and Syria

Via Guest Blogger KDM

Bengazi is attacked/ Syrian village attacked


Stand down order/ Chemical weapons used

Assume order from Obama/ Assume order from Assad

Secretary Hillary says move on!!!/ Secretary Kerry says attack

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The Short List of the Bogus POS POTUS Crimes Against America and Americans

Just this country-

Obama has attacked the Republic by way of the DOJ’s purposely selling of weapons on American soil to foreign nationals i.e. Fast and Furious & Operation Castaway enabling treasonous activities and American deaths in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution and the ‘oath of office’ of which he has usurped.

Just 1 state at a time-

Obama has attacked the State of Arizona via the DOJ ignoring the Tenth Amendment.
Obama has attacked the State of Alabama with the EPA on Coal.

Just 1 city at a time-

Obama has attacked the City of Las Vegas by public ridicule.

Just 1 group at a time-

Obama has attacked the TEA Party via the DOJ, the IRS, & the SEIC and by public ridicule.
Obama has attacked Gun Owners via the MSM Presstitutes and the Liberal Hollywood Union while threatening the use of a gun vs a knife.
Obama has attacked business owners, i.e. Cash for Clunkers.
Obama has attacked all Americans via the NSA, AttackWatch, and
Obama has attacked the Cambridge Police by public ridicule.

Just an individual at a time-

Obama has attacked George Zimmerman via the DOJ now armed with a ‘tip line’.
Obama has attacked James Rosen of FOX News via the DOJ/NSA etc.

Add your own!

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Jeffrey Allan McQueen of USRevolution2 Stops by Uncommon Knowledge on 07/16

Love this flag? Find out more about why it exists and where you can obtain one…

flagIt does not replace our 50 star Flag, it is a tribute and reference which harkens back to the initial American Revolution and Betsy Ross’ original design. Jeffrey Allan McQueen, President and Founder, of stopped by and visited Denise and me for the entire rest of our show last night. Jeffrey was upbeat, inspirational, and thoroughly knowledgeable about our history, our future, and the total deceit with distractions that have been foisted upon America.

Listen up… the beginning of his interview starts at the 15 minute mark as this dedicated Patriot relays some valuable history that is spot on!

Uncommon Knowledge 07/16 by PatriotResistance | Blog Talk Radio.

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Something Obama Will Never Understand

Memorial Day 2013

It has no agenda attached to it, only respect


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June of 1917 Our Forefathers Still Understood the Term Natural Born Citizen!

Thanks to, this weekend, anyone and everyone can freely research military records. Below you will see my Great-Grandfather’s Draft Registration Card.

Note Natural Born


The 1st line contains his name.

The 2nd line is the address.

The 3rd line was his date of birth.

The 4th line is Citizen status. He checked, and rightly so, ‘Natural Born’ on this government document.

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May 24, 2013 · 9:35 pm