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Choose Your Button Now

Before the next election get your know or NO on your candidates…


No Clinton
No Communist
No Socialist
No Liberal
No Marxist
No Islamist
No miss speaker
No ‘politically correct’
No divisive
No antagonistic
No wealth redistributor
No Leftist
No Self-Hater
No ‘Constitutional Lawyer’
No Liar
No Agenda

should be associated in any way, shape, or form regarding any candidate for office.

We need a Natural Born American with a moral compass, military supporting, flag waving, honest, CITIZEN for POTUS… along with every other office across these THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Anything less is national suicide.



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More Uninformed Oregon Voters Produce Worst Results

So if Oregon is to become the first state to adopt automatic voter registration and yet

“…has one of the highest voter registration rates in the nation – 73 percent…”

already and voted the ‘Worst U.S. President’ (Obama) into office… TWICE, along with the Worst U.S. Governor’ (John Kitzhaber) into office… FOUR TIMES… why would Oregonians want

MORE UNINTERESTED, IRRESPONSIBLE, UNINFORMED, PROBABLY/MAYBE (?) U.S. Citizens in Oregon pushing all off a financial cliff?

I mean, the track record speaks for itself, and how’s that Governor Kitzhaber assisted Obamacare exchange system working there in Oregon – before during and after his recent resignation?

Oh that’s right… new Governor Kate Brown signs legislation to dissolve the exchange on March 6, 2015… hmm?

Big STATE Government doesn’t work!

Now if only Obama would do a ‘Kitzhaber’ because his Big Federal Government is overdrawn too!

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Enemies of the State?

Guest Blogger

Every student of the 70’s who protested against the war in Vietnam should read this.
Your tax dollars support this college. Your state and federal tax dollars go toward the education of each and every one of these anti-american flag liberals!
If you write to your congressman to defund all monies used to assist these non-combatants, what do you think their tuition would be to attend this anti-american liberal college? 
The liberal educators are the cause of the many woes of this country. Let their students feel what real capitalism is.

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IRS Running Roughshod Over Taxpayers for Illegals?

Have you received your filing book and/or instructions (Publication 501 Cat. No. 15000U Exemptions,Standard Deduction, and Filing Information For use in preparing 2014 Returns) yet, for let’s say 1040 A…

Well here is your link and it is mind-blowing

Nonresident is noted 23 times and Alien 50 times. Has the IRS tooled tax forms in an attempt to ‘legitimize’ illegals like California has with driver’s licenses?

Screen captures speak volumes and posting a few for perusal.



Page 1


Page 2


Page 8


Page 9



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Watch Tomorrow, As If On Cue, the Caterwauling Begins…

The Devious Democrats have lost their lead in the U.S. Senate as they were punked by Obama with Obamacare and even Harry Reid got thumped by his own health care equipment to secure his unnatural take down. Irony!

MSM mouthpieces are retiring who carried the water for the current thug administration. Complicit… they are running.

Another tainted Obama appointee can’t pass muster.

The new U.S.Congress tomorrow will be seated with a respectable 91.8 % Christian Faith Background. The USA is NOT a Muslim nation!

And the liberal Alinsky playbook is a relic.

Boehner who has been ineffectual may be deigned to lose his Speaker position in the U.S. House. New blood in Congress will preserve our U.S. Constitution.

The shaming of America is over, and the blaming on Obama will now commence. May it last his lifetime behind the bars of some future justice rendered.

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Upscale Tri-Cities, in Shadow of Hanford Nuclear Power Plant, Needs Free Food Handed Out

It’s an Obama tragedy… brought on by Obama…

free food

On top of the hill in West Richland Washington this afternoon as the handout was winding down.



Earlier it was a never ending ‘Congo line’!

This is the absolute mark of a failed administration.


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Quartzsite Arizona – Another of the BLM’s Land Grabs

This time it is for solar panels and a solar tower…

Once again GOLD is involved!

First – the cost to the taxpayers and the amount of land to be grabbed. If the Federal Infrastructure Permit is to be taken at face value

quartzsite permit

Taxpayer Cost

That would be $800 million divided by 30 thousand homes & businesses for a cost of $26,666.66 per each. 

Now if each home or business had an annual electric bill of $3600 it would take 7.41 years to recoup the initial planned project. This is also hoping that it works, the installation doesn’t go over budget, and that no maintenance occurs in that 7.41 years window.
Land Grabbed
Declared via permit – 1675 acres or 2.6172 square miles, outside a town with a Population of 3654 (2012). How will this affect the Flora and Fauna. This does not include other projects, just solar at this point.


Even more costs? You betcha!

From June 9, 2013 Feds approve solar-power project proposed near Quartzsite

More houses/businesses… how will this affect the desert Flora and Fauna? More taxes, what’s not to love about that?

Second – a damning disclosure of a lack of agreement with other agencies and Native American Tribes (8 pages of a larger document).

Thirda very busy map of projectsArizona BLM Solar and Wind Applications. Now the Wind portion is revealed for the entire state and the Water portion is here. It does not appear that there could be too much ‘transformation’/destruction for Arizona, no matter what the residents might think!

FourthThe Dept of Energy conveniently ties the brown shirt government organizations together by NEPA Milestones and in particular within the Quartzsite portion screen capture


Fifth – There is  GOLD in ‘them there hills‘. The Copperstone Mine near Quartzsite is ramping up for production. Isn’t it interesting that

…All permits were achieved in a rapid permitting time-frame in of approximately one year from the publication of the Feasibility Study…

Yet the Keystone XL Pipeline and other diverse energy projects continue to languish!

A nice tidbit of information is also provided on the mine’s main web page


A map showing GOLD distribution in the Western US. Take the Quartzsite, Bundy, & Chocolate Mountains locations and position them on the map… hmm? Are the Solar, Wind, & Water projects designed for homes and businesses in the classic sense? Or is it more reasonable to suspect them to be the best darn utilities (paid for by the taxpayers with increased taxes) to advance GOLD extractions from the localized mines?


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California Residents, The Chocolate Mountains, and Dianne Feinstein’s ‘Bundy Ranch’

Instead of bulls, it’s always been about the GOLD BULLION!

October 5, 2009

Golden Secrets (V) Chocolate Mountain Military Base

citing the mid90s fully investigated article

THE GREAT GOLD HEIST The Desert Wilderness Protection Act by Karen-lee Bixman

The Chocolate Mountains


Now look into how Southern California has been shaken down‘, and it has nothing to do with earthquakes!

Map of the West Chocolate Mountains Renewable Energy Evaluation Area via the BLM (Bureau of Land Management).

Screen capture of the West Chocolate Mountains Geothermal Leasing Area.


While the land to the west of the Chocolate Mountains is selected to go through ‘radical‘  GREEN changes, the mountains themselves are under the eyeball of the Dept. of the Navy, as the expiration of use date arrives this October. BLM has a hand playing in each scenario.

Terry Weiner, Conservation Coordinator, of the moderate DPC or Desert Protective Council has relayed valid concerns in a 2013 Zephyr interview. She also has overwhelmed with a glorious photo record of the desert landscape from 2011 at

Public comment on the continuance of military training aka live bomb drops, by domestic and international forces, that leave craters that are depicted in the following video

and can be addressed through information at the Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Proposed Land Withdrawal Renewal website until November 30, 2012.

One area is being destroyed with GREEN technologies and the other by military explosives. hmm? How GREEN is this?

Only Dianne Feinstein knows for sure! Or would it be the Santa Fe Pacific Corporation… oops, uh… the Catellus Corporation? Or maybe it was a joint venture that has been financially rewarding to a select few, but costly to all Californians!!!

Even the BLM website details this interesting twist


The most damning portion of the paragraph is

…and 2,863 acres are lands acquired from the Catellus Corporation by the Wildlands Conservancy using Lands and Water Conservation Fund money and donated to the BLM…

Just look what the Wildlands Conservancy has planned… Mojave Trails National Monument Proposal. hmm? A lot of land donations occurring! A lot of money changing hands? And who provides the phenomenal slush funding? That’s right it is the Lands and Water Conservation Fund



and guess what they do for the DOI via the National Park Service… listed right on the front page…

The LWCF Program provides matching grants to States and local governments for the acquisition and development of public outdoor recreation areas and facilities (as well as funding for shared federal land acquisition and conservation strategies). The program is intended to create and maintain a nationwide legacy of high quality recreation areas and facilities and to stimulate non-federal investments in the protection and maintenance of recreation resources across the United States.

Where is the DOJ? Where is the California AG? Where is the FBI? Where is any law enforcement?

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Simply Put, It’s ‘Internet Site Envy’

Obamacare vs Hobby Lobby

Which one has a fully functioning website?

Which one is a lawful tax-paying wholesome business?

Which one offers, a standard product to superb selection, to the masses at the same price?

Which one truly delivers value?

If you have any questions, which one will you get an immediate response?

Which one is operating a secure, for your credit card & information, site?

Which one gives you more bang for your buck or something useful at all?

Which one is family friendly?

Which one is tolerant, even joyous, of religion?

Which one is a creative spark?

Which one is truly interactive?

Which one has the best graphics?

Which one is not used as another tool of the NSA?

Which one is valued in each community?

IRS jackboots don’t come clamoring if you do not visit this site?

Which one was not built upon the backs of the taxpayers?

Which one do consumers come first, are appreciated, and feel satisfied?

I bet you answered Hobby Lobby each and every time!








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Pejorative Minority Classes Ruling with Rackets Part 5

When a few hundred people are elected to serve, but desire to reign instead, government anarchy is on display…

Illegal Aliens, Expired Green Card Holder, etc

If a country has immigration laws, and people in offices to process immigrants, and border patrol to prevent illegals from land entry to TSA/DHS who are to protect and defend our borders from criminals entering by air and sea… hold leadership, or lack thereof, accountable for ‘theft of taxpayer monies’. Dereliction of duties and poor performance evaluations attest to the fact that unqualified and unskilled personnel are in position from top to bottom in this area of government!

Could illegals roaming freely unchecked in the US be dangerous criminals, spread diseases (sudden Mumps outbreak in Ohio or Measles in New York) , or sponge/thieve, hiding 100 to a residence, by and for illicit activities? Well, who knows as they were never vetted in background, therefore medical problems or hosting is unknown, and once again there is a cycle of undeserved or ‘theft of taxpayer monies‘ by deception.

Blatant Disregard for Constitutional Law

The Bogus POTUS – still unvetted and still usurping as of January 2009, has never met a law he would not circumvent.

US DOJ – never investigated POTUS background/nor revealed any findings to WE THE PEOPLE, Fast & Furious and other sordid gun operations, permitted voter suppression/intimidation by thug Black Panthers, etc. ad finitum ad nauseam, under Holder’s botched watch of selective/preferential justice.

SCOTUS – Changing and installing a Bogus ‘TAX’ ‘law’ initiated by a USURPER of the USA that undermined the entire Health Care System. First SCOTUS claims it is constitutional, which every American knows is false, and then it permits Obama to tweak it countless times past deadlines. This Supreme Court is leading from behind just like the Bogus POS POTUS.

There have been countless perverts, tax-evaders, liars, thugs, and thieves, pushing innumerable criminal agendas, nominated or placed in particularly stringent and powerful positions. As they have added no value, it should be considered another ‘theft of taxpayers monies’.

In Summation

Last in this series identifying some of the most corrupt aspects, conspirators, minions, and mouthpieces during the disastrous dark days of the Obama administration and the dirty dog Democrats. The entire body of these slimy thugs, including the Lame Main Stream Media Presstitutes possibly number at the most 5000 with any serious government connections.

How could so few clowns wear this country down?

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