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A Veteran’s Notice of Delinquent Government

Received today

How Efficient is our Government?

I sent a letter to the National Personnel Records Center sometime last year. Yes, it’s been so long that I almost forgot I actually had done so!

Anyway, they got back to me today, with a letter Dated January 29, 2015. Postmark is Mar 09 2015. It took THAT LONG to go from a
desktop to the mail room.

Now, here’s the kicker!
It tells me that they have referred the request to another agency and I should expect a reply from the specified office listed in the letter.

I’m hoping I’m still alive before the response gets to me!!!

My question is… how would a widow or widower of a veteran proceed with a burial of their spouse, if the service member gets so little assistance while alive?


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Running Afoul of Foul Fowl in Washington State

January 2 2015 Avian flu detected in Benton City backyard flock Washington State, right down the road… but there’s probably nothing to worry about, hmm?

So why is it that, also on January 2 2015 Hong Kong Slaughters Chickens After an Outbreak of Bird Flu?

Don’t count on the CDC to be on top of anything as it is under the iron fist of the foul administration of lame duck Obama.


Screen capture moments ago… 9:00 p.m. PST.

oh… somebody will get around to it… or not!


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Speaking of Apples


On a drive yesterday, look at the waste hanging on the trees here in Eastern Washington. This is not a home orchard but goes on for miles! Do you suppose that using these apples, before they died on the branches and ground, could have provided American apple juice, apple pie, applesauce, and apple butter to school children and low-income families in Washington state and nationwide?

What about at this current stage, for healthy fodder, to farm animals?

What happens to that Obama global plan if the deadly prepackaged caramel apples are found to be foreign based crops and/or foreign based candy?

From the FDA’s site, they have known about Apple issues with recent events listed and the same contaminant? hmm?

just december

How many have to die until the Obama government wins?

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Don’t Sweat the Lame Duck Congressional Votes

Why start a bellicose battle now… why tip the hand of a duplicitous POS potus?

Congress will be in order in January, and no amount of wailing by petty deceptive DemocRATS, will be able to strangle the will of We The People via the truly vetted and elected Republicans and Conservatives.

Boehner is doing the right thing… please filter out the Liberal swill!

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Press Release

May 5, 2014
For Immediate Release
Sandra Brazier
(818) 371-8150
Dee Jeffries
(661) 288-2355
eVoice America Data LLC
New Internet Platform Calculates and Publishes America’s Consensuses on Top Issues, Nationally and for All DC Representatives, 

Based on
What Americans 

Tell Their DC Reps’s new, patented, internet, take-action platform and technology easily conveys Americans’ personal opinions, potentially in the tens of millions, to their DC elected reps — a realistic number since, according to Gallup, 80% of Americans think America is going in the wrong direction.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 6, 2014

This non-partisan, political, platform also anonymously documents and calculates national consensuses, using Yes/No percentages, on all the top issues facing our country and publishes them to Americans, the media, and elected reps.


eVoiceAmerica also applies this consensus calculation, for the first time ever, to what Americans are telling their individual federal elected representatives (through to generate state and district, issue-specific majority mandates. Using this platform and this new, multilevel consensus percentage data, Americans and the media can finally hold DC representatives accountable at the ballot box if they vote against their constituent majorities.


This consensus data is not a poll, but is based upon personal opinions, each with an issue-specific, Yes/No eVote, that Americans email to their elected representatives in Washington, DC, using eVoiceAmerica. eVoiceAmerica then applies its national, issue-specific, consensus calculation, for the first time ever, to these eVotes to generate American national and representative majority mandates. eVoiceAmerica publishes this multi-level consensus data to the media and Congress to help the “good guys” and require the “bad guys” to vote their constituent mandates, not their party’s ideological mandates.


How is this done? provides each user his personalized list of elected representatives (Graphic 2) each time he logs in and links users to their reps’ official, “Contact Me” email / web forms for dire ct o pinion delivery. Thus, one opinion can be sent to multiple reps at the same time. Now, Americans can flood their representatives’ inboxes with their opinions and eVotes.


Each personal opinion contains a Yes/No, issue-specific eVote check box (Graphic 3). eVoiceAmerica’s percentage data is created by 1) capturing users’ anonymous Yes or No eVotes; 2) converting them into issue-specific national, district, and state Yes/No percentages; and 3) generating daily, issued-based percentage reports for 4) publication to the media, site users, and elected reps giving America new strength in documented numbers.

 In addition, each day Americans can answer the question, “Would You Re-Elect Me?” as to their list of representatives if they could re-vote today (Graphic 4). eVoiceAmerica harvests these anonymous Yes/No votes and publishes them onsite as the previous day’s percentages on each user’s elected representative list . So now, all can see where their reps stand with their constituents on a daily basis. This standing will also influence how reps respond to their constituent majorities. eVoiceAmerica tracks all representatives’ percentage standings daily and over time in its daily data reports. “This is, essentially, a daily, between-elections ballot box which gives a digital pulse to Americans and their representatives. We believe our reps will take notice and respond,” states Dee Jeffries, co-owner of eVoiceAmerica Data LLC.


eVoiceAmerica also provides an issue-based, Information Portal in its take-action platform so eVoiceAmerica members and visitors can learn more about the issues before sending their personal opinions and eVotes to their DC representatives. Users can also submit articles, books, and videos to the information portal and share these resources with their social networks. is the only political, non-partisan, take-action site that has the new and critical percentage “data teeth” that will impact elected representatives where it matters most – the ballot box for the 2014 and 2016 elections. eVoiceAmerica’s new “massroots” percentage data teeth will inform American citizens, the media, and elected reps what America’s national, issue-specific mandates are and drills those down to individual Congressional reps’ state or district. Now American can know and which of their senators and house reps are responding and which are not.


This massroots percentage data is not statistical, “dip stick” polling in which the pollsters decide which issues are polled, by whom, when, and how often. Rather, it represents “America’s Digital Townhall” with potentially millions of participants emailing their personal opinions and eVotes on issues they choose, as oft en as they choose, to the reps they choose: President, House representatives, Senators, Governors, and the Supreme Court (Graphic 5). This massroots data is displayed as Yes/No percentages on site in real time and is published in comprehensive daily data reports.


This same Yes/No percentage data also permits each rep to know what all other representatives’ constituent mandates are. Based on this new eVoiceAmerica data, representatives can now, for the first time ever:


1) Create coalitions with members who have like-minded constituent majorities,
2) Prevent members from voting against their constituent mandates, and
3) C reate coalitions across party lines based on like-minded constituent majorities, eliminating
partisan gridlock. is the first website to make “getting The People involved” a reality. To do so, it offers organizations and the media several customized take-action tools that they can install on their websites with sel f-selected or self-created issues so they can mobilize their audiences and members to deliver opinions to Congress on their organization’s key issues. Issue-specific percentage data generated by these tools are provided daily to the host organizations.


For more information about how eVoiceAmerica works, please view the following videos:


eVoiceAmerica: Intro for New Users


How Organizations Can Benefit from eVoiceAmerica



# # #

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West Coast States Have Landslide Hazards Maps

Are you aware? Are you prepared?

California Landslide Hazards mapping

Oregon Landslide Hazards mapping

Washington Landslide Hazards mapping

Every year, in all three states, minor land or mudslides occur and predominately in the specifically marked areas posted above. It would behoove residents to educate themselves on the layout of their land and what is the composition of the soil or rocks beneath. What would be the effects of heavy rains? Unfortunately, a rare but major slide like that in Oso Washington, is a wake-up call.

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Oso Washington Mudslide/Landslide Maps Viewable 2009

Not to take away from the tragedy that is ongoing (24 now known dead) in Oso Washington, but there was – and still is – online (USGS landslide document for Snohomish County October 2009), viewable materials to base land purchases that may pose hazardous with potential landslides.

Screen captured portion of a plain map surrounding and including Oso

Screen captured portion of a hazardous landslide map surrounding and including Oso (via landslide pdf above)


and that key via landslide pdf above


All that can be said now is that hopefully many across this great USA take this horrific event to heart… help if you can, learn about your own terrain and surroundings, and be ever vigilant.


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Hanford Nuclear Facility, Birth Defects, & Large Land Parcels Auctioned

Various sourced articles paint the picture…

CurrentHanford finds more N-waste tanks at risk of leaking

CurrentSurge in babies born without brains in Washington State

November 2013Canadian outbids all for valuable Red Mountain vineyard land
CurrentlyHorse Heaven Hills land to be auctioned
CurrentlyWhite Swan, Yakima County, Washington Farms and Ranches For Sale

My own research on land grab attempts, by government agencies in the immediate vicinity, due to supposed ‘rare’ or ‘endangered’ species – In Washington State It’s Another Monthly Land Grab via the Feds!

The magnitude of potential impact reduces New York State’s Love Canal to a minor footnote of EPA challenges.  Apparently the EPA wants to aggressively dedicate its site to the false science (detailed by David Evans, and who, Denise and I interviewed extensively last year on Uncommon Knowledge) that is Climate Change. Concerns about Hanford… not so much. Lots of reports, very little action!

Some got out/off easy, some with unusual payments

May 2013Head of company overseeing leaking nuclear tanks at Hanford to step down
Reported February 2012Dept of Energy Awards Unnecessary Severance Package

Dangerous to Deadly Safety Issues

Any questions?


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There, Because They Care – Armed Citizen Project

Just a friendly reminder for a training source…

Armed Citizen Project – Training 50 women in one day:

…so that you, yourself, are prepared for anything.

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Parents Teaching the Young Ones Right and Early

My heart sings to see an empty Daisy BB Gun display here in Washington State

Merry Christmas Patriots!

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