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Catholic Church Goes Hocus Pocus


Embarrassing, the Catholic Church has not only achieved a False or Anti Pope… it now has push button votive candles.

This is enlightenment?

And yes, as a matter of fact I am Catholic!



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Thank-You Hobby Lobby…

…for keeping everything real!

Today's Newspaper In God We Trust

Today’s Newspaper
In God We Trust

Thank-you for informing the oblivious to what is obvious about our planet, our country, our individual state, and individual town. We are One Nation Under God!

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May 1 National Day of Prayer

As One Million Moms reminds all…

Once again, 1MM is joining the National Day of Prayer Task Force for the annual observance of the National Day of Prayer this Thursday, May 1, 2014.

Visit to find an event in your area and to learn more about National Day of Prayer.

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The Life and Resurrection of Jesus

Celebrate Easter with your family today.

Later relax and watch…

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Pejorative Minority Classes Ruling with Rackets Part 2

A Random Slug & Thug Sampling

Due to Obama’s ‘common core curriculum’ garbage the unskilled and stupefied graduates of public schools/universities (where every young brain is left behind) who apprentice into service jobs are demanding journeyman pay, crazed newly-elected political leaders are hankering for higher wages for their locals for popularity and 15 minutes of flame. Amazing, since Obama, required less, when he increased the minimum wage for 2 million contract workers. What would the increases do to Obamacare premiums, hmm?

The same out-of-control trolls who demand religious tolerance of Muslims denigrate Christians during the turbulent and dark days of Obama. Right after his first theft of office… I mean ‘election’ … it began with an under-reported twofer as gays/lesbians acting the unnatural asses bashed Christian church services. Then there are the Atheists who purportedly condone no religion but prop Islam or denigrate Christianity at will. The Liberal Left must be integrated with atheism as they appear to be aligned yet add Mormons to the bashing. Let us not forget how Hollywood flakes out when God is mentioned in an acceptance speech.

Gun Grabbing Goons ignore the Bill of Rights and in particular The Second Amendmentas the NRA, 19 States, 34 Congressmen Sue New Jersey Over Gun Law, as Connecticut deals with an out-of-control state government demanding crazy registering of select arms with questionable ethics/tactics displayed by CT law enforcement, and New Yorkers finally get heated in a ‘New York Minute’ and burn gun registration papers! Got to love the Oklahoma Sheriffs who just said NO to removing their guns at their state capitol!

Tomorrow… more ‘Obama anti-American support groups’ in Pejorative Minority Classes Ruling with Rackets Part 3.

It’s just too darn easy to unmask them!

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On St. Patrick’s Day a Bit of Reflection and Queer Beers

Catholics celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Christians celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Therefore Catholics (I self-identify as an Irish Catholic) are Christians as we share the same values and traditions.

Sam Adams, Heineken, and Guinness evidently have an agenda, and it does not support straight, reproductive, normal, heterosexual people on a festive U.S. holiday and a National or public holiday elsewhere in the world. As a Catholic, Christian, and Irish – they are never to be in my house or any family function. Boycotted! Forever may these companies be labeled THE QUEER BEER handlers!

Hubby is on his way out to buy some Busch instead of his holiday green bottled Heineken… ta ta!


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One Can Not Get Stoned Out of Blood

As Police recover stolen cloth stained with Pope John Paul II’s blood, it just goes to show that one can not get ‘stoned out of blood’.

Excerpt from the same article via theguardian:

“I think John Paul [II]has forgiven them. I think we have to do the same,” D’Ercole said of the men, believed by police to be drug addicts.

This is also proof positive, that you just can’t fix stupid.

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Harbinger of the Birds

Pope’s peace doves attacked by crow, seagull and just wondering if this is a harbinger of the upcoming meeting with USURPER Obama and sidekick Boozer Biden?

It is best these days, to reference untainted conceptual historical and religious aspects of these animals, as described by the Native North Americans. They had a far longer study period of natural observations of these birds in a unsoiled environment before the rest of the world descended upon these lands. Without modern conveyances and conveniences, the tribes and clans across the continent, often reaffirmed lore and legend:

Native American Crow Mythology

Native American Dove and Pigeon Mythology

Native American Seagull Mythology


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The Short List of the Bogus POS POTUS Crimes Against America and Americans

Just this country-

Obama has attacked the Republic by way of the DOJ’s purposely selling of weapons on American soil to foreign nationals i.e. Fast and Furious & Operation Castaway enabling treasonous activities and American deaths in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution and the ‘oath of office’ of which he has usurped.

Just 1 state at a time-

Obama has attacked the State of Arizona via the DOJ ignoring the Tenth Amendment.
Obama has attacked the State of Alabama with the EPA on Coal.

Just 1 city at a time-

Obama has attacked the City of Las Vegas by public ridicule.

Just 1 group at a time-

Obama has attacked the TEA Party via the DOJ, the IRS, & the SEIC and by public ridicule.
Obama has attacked Gun Owners via the MSM Presstitutes and the Liberal Hollywood Union while threatening the use of a gun vs a knife.
Obama has attacked business owners, i.e. Cash for Clunkers.
Obama has attacked all Americans via the NSA, AttackWatch, and
Obama has attacked the Cambridge Police by public ridicule.

Just an individual at a time-

Obama has attacked George Zimmerman via the DOJ now armed with a ‘tip line’.
Obama has attacked James Rosen of FOX News via the DOJ/NSA etc.

Add your own!

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Obama’s Panties in a Twist?

because everything concerning him and his perverted administration seems to be about private parts…

White House fights Catholic Church subpoena on birth control

Judge criticizes Obama administration in Plan B decision

and potential use of same?

Obama apologizes to California AG for comment on looks

When there is a Usurper afoot, there will always be a  foot in mouth scenario! He’s not stupid, he’s dangerous!

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