National History Day Theme – Taking A Stand In History

img_0028Although National History Day kicks off in September, current competition is proceeding to the state contest in Washington State this Saturday. I was honored to participate as a preparatory judge today in Pasco, Washington. Subjects were selected by these young adults to research and detail their position. I found my group of 9th and 10th graders, widely diverse not without some controversy but, deeply dedicated to full knowledge, well sourced, and passionate about their subject.

One student came with no paper but was spot on with delivery and excellent when queried. Another student brought report, notes, and a full power point display. Both students were equally impressive. The subjects ranged from Bloody Sunday to Miep Gies to Abbie Hoffman and anything and everything in between. These young Americans gave me hope that the last eight years have not stupefied all of the youth in the USA but maybe leaned a whole lot left.

I found that one young lady who titled her submission “Abbie Hoffman Antiwar Rebel taking a stand against capitalism and the Vietnam war” (typed just as it was) to have caught the moment in time where it was a country refresher. Out of the movement, during Abbie’s notoriety, some of the best and the worst in Yippies succeeded well or failed and fell just as hard. It was the first test of really railing against the DC Machine. She was even balanced and concise, it brought back memories of yesteryear, and I wished her well in her promising future.

If only the Liberal media presstitutes could be as fair and balanced in their reporting as the young minds of today… oh well… there’s always the next lifetime 🙂



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3 responses to “National History Day Theme – Taking A Stand In History

  1. Pamela Pope

    Awesome! My sister has judged in IN and D.C. and taken homeschool teams to D.C. and I shared your blog with her ~ I know she’ll love reading it. Thank you for all you do for Washington and America. Warm regards, Pam

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