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Only in Washington State Could One Find GoodSpaceGuy on Primary Ballot

Does GoodSpaceGuy have a chance to become Washington State’s next Governor?


In this state of ‘weed eaters’ anything is possible… as he is first on the list… and the lazy millennials can’t see past the end of their noses. It’s ‘too hard’ to read past one box.

The freebie-grubbing and freely giving your tax monies away liberals will make it to check off Mary Martin for their goodies and the ‘name sounds like someone famous’ 😦

Never mind that currently and in the recent past the most hated politicians in history practice Socialism.


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Liberal Lunacy and Lack of Sensitivity in Washington State

Okay… first off you have liberal Washington state passing a law, bypassing Federal Law on the consumption and smoking of pot.

Second… with the liberal loons, lacking good parenting skills, many children and pets have consumed said pot and other drugs in this liberal state requiring immediate medical treatment.

Third… liberals continually lament racism and lack of sensitivity upon the rest of this normal nation… then why, oh why as the AP reports does

Washington to require ‘Not For Kids’ label on pot products ?

With a huge population of Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest why use a

… bright red hand held up in a “stop” gesture…

Where is the sense & sensitivity?

What about using any other colors such as orange or aqua?

What are the chances that toddlers read the labels?

The little digs are endless by the liberals and are purposeful… create chaos… their speciality!

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Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out, Patty!

So past time for this

Take the Liberal Lunatics out of office, kicking and screaming, 1 vote at a time! Washington State… it’s time to retire Patty Murray!

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