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Republican Convention for Washington State Gears Up

….in Pasco this afternoon….


…. Front of the Trak Center

IMG_0720NBC vying for position early


Small section of the main room for the convention




Various passes… Washington State are you ready to get ready for tonight?


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Making the Hard Choices

Do you love God, Family, and Country?

Do you have expectations?

Would you, working under the inspiration of God, make hard choices to right wrongs within the home/community or help steer the country back onto the RIGHT track? What if you knew that these hard choices would create hard feelings at home or lose friends in your inner circles of support?

Are you strong enough… do you care enough… or are you a bench warmer on the sidelines of life?

Making the hard choices, while waking up on the right side of the dirt every morning, is the challenge for mankind. Speak until you are heard, help your fellow man even though there may be fallout, and live your life each day as if it is your last. Leave this Earth in a better way… as it has derailed… than/since you arrived. Be strong, life is short, and not nearly sweet enough.

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Coaching – A Tool Used by Manipulators

to modify YOUR behavior!

It is used by the Lame Stream Media, Hollywood, Washington DC, Music Industry and sadly, even in your own home.

Coaching is the softest approach but a manipulator is…

A person who seeks to change another person’s perceptions, behavior or social interactions through various methods,which may be devious or deceptive. 

If you see it in the news…switch it off!
If you see it in the movies…turn it off!
If you see it from Washington DC…ignore it!
If you hear it in music…tune it out!
If you see if from your spouse…divorce ’em!

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