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Hillary Running Scared… of Donald Trump

I love when direct results appear on my timeline on Twitter. Two seemingly unrelated tweets meet and shine a light on the reality of Donald Trump’s effect upon the establishment.

Screenshot 2016-02-26 at 10.09.49 AM

When you read both articles below pulled from the tweets above. Hillary is afraid… very afraid… and she ought to be… Orange prison uniforms clash with hags. But isn’t prison a lesbian’s wet dream on ‘roids? Good deal for everyone!

He’s not The Donald I knew: Hillary says Trump’s ‘divisive and mean-spirited’ rhetoric is ‘surprising’ but claims she isn’t a natural politician herself

Trump: If I’m Elected, I’ll Prosecute Hillary Clinton!


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Pope Francis The Fallible One

What an embarrassment for Catholics who have been holding out for someone ‘most papal‘. Pope Francis is the very antithesis of what a pope should/could be:

To his transparent irritation of an admirer in Mexico to his glass house view of throwing stones at American Donald Trump, Pope Francis appears to be well schooled in Alinsky tactics.

What man on planet Earth, lives in the world’s smallest country, opulent beyond words, surrounded by huge walls concealing 44 hectares of museums, Vatican guards, palace and papal quarters that lie dormant? That would be Pope Francis!

God must be so proud!

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Varsity GOP Presidential Team Edited From July

2016 Vote First String… Not JV or Dream Team

I see a First String Team

The TicketTrump/VP up to him – removed Cruz as he is ineligible

Sarah Palin – Department of Energy

Judge Jeanine Pirro – Attorney General – removed Gowdy as he is not impartial

Ben Carson – Surgeon General

Chris Christie – Department of Transportation

Scott Walker – Department of Homeland Security

Mike Huckabee – Secretary of State

Allen West – Department of Veterans Affairs

Carly Fiorini – Social Security Adminstration

Rand Paul – Dept of Immigration & ICE

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Turning a Blind Eye

Everyone who was alive, young or an adult, back in the 80’s remembers the ‘This is Your Brain on Drugs‘ commercial. As an educational tool, or Public Service Announcement, these commercials were set to inform the masses of the use and destructive consequences to the human body. They started out simply and over time escalated to the unforgettable 1998 Rachael Leigh Cook version:

Even with dire warnings… the increase in crack baby births, murders, overdoses, human depravity off the charts culminating with one drug deranged person ingesting another live person’s body parts in public… is no longer shocking. The waste to a minimum of three overlapping generations in the USA is incalculable. I suggest that without border security, and there is proof that it has been light duty over these same decades to non-existent these past 7 years, drugs in direct correlation with illegal aliens have run amok. This doesn’t even address the burden on the taxpayers’ monies, the influx of new diseases, religious anomalies, radical ideology, and all three antagonistic branches of government in Washington DC toward the American People. The District of Corruption (DC), and no existing politician there has clean hands by continually herding undocumented people and redistributing Americans’ wealth, has a turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the electorate.

If you don’t think Washington DC is broken, look at its entire basis for existence… the U.S. Constitution… simple and elegant. It has been enhanced by the Bill of Rights but has been placed on ignore these past 7 years. Do you see lawlessness and disorder from those we elect to service our great nation?

I won’t even address the last huge mistake that has been elected twice by default and the fault of the lazy portion of the potential electorate. No wonder the District of Corruption (DC) embraces illegal aliens and pushing passes on voting eligibility… hoping for payback… its in their DNA – do not answer to anyone. If they love ineligible voters, well they really thrive on their own ineligible candidates they support financially. Currently in the White House we have a Usurper hunkered down hoping for a future Presidential pardoner/partner in lawless Hillary or ineligible Bernie on the left. On the right we have 2 ineligible Cubans (Cruz & Rubio) and a self-made business tycoon (Donald Trump) who owes no one in money, blackmail, or allegiance… other than his heart, mind, family and country. Mix in the Main Stream Media presstitutes with a degenerate progressive liberal leaning and four of those 5 candidates can be tooled to run a new cycle of cataclysm mayhem at a whim. Washington DC is broken, and to we need ‘Call Trump (in Euchre) but the real deal now‘ to clean up this mess.

Currently the District of Corruption Leans to the Left & Ignores both WE THE PEOPLE & the U.S. CONSTITUTION

Under the Duress including Lawlessness & Grafting due directly to the Obamanation that squats & postures in WE THE PEOPLE’S White House has broken the USA in finances, respect, allies, and strength hurdling us to a crevice waiting below.

Future vetted and voted into office strong independent leadership both respected by and respecting WE THE PEOPLE and our U.S. CONSTITUTION. Restoration with exultation!

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