To My Friends and Fellow Patriots in Iowa

Many of you know how hard I worked on keeping the word out about JN during his last attempts at running for Governor. Thankfully his own braggadocio, several bloggers, and hard campaigners prevented an ‘off the rails‘ scenario with his undoing in Iowa. Real leadership surpassed ‘knee high before the 4th of July‘ twice!

Now I beg of you, those who go to church today and those who don’t but are surrounded by your strong families, to consider your Caucus options for Monday. Do not fall for a wolf in sheep’s clothingThe United States of America is too precious to be abused another several years by an unqualified Usurper. I know many who have done their research, but there are some who get caught up in the limelight, glitz, and passion of the local political experience and fail to make the hard choices.

Personality aside… who will make a difference, who will not waiver, who will obtain the best minds to consult, and is a 100% Natural Born USA American Citizen with all the best intentions for this great land?

Who is already using a bought list of personal information to agitate the good people of Iowa? Do you want this person in charge of the notorious NSA with information over all Americans?

Who has wavered, lied/misled/misspoken, or missed U.S. Senate votes? Do we need another Senator who bench warms/flip flops until he can leap to another branch of government? Why can’t one be wholly successful working for the people who put them in the distinguished job? Our government is not a ‘bread and breakfast hotel‘ but many in ‘DC elite‘ treat it like a flea bag motel with no respect for the owners: WE THE PEOPLE.

This is our job, our duty, and our time to do what is right for the USA.

Iowa, we look to you to start the repair and restoration of America. God Bless You All!


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