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Speaking of Apples


On a drive yesterday, look at the waste hanging on the trees here in Eastern Washington. This is not a home orchard but goes on for miles! Do you suppose that using these apples, before they died on the branches and ground, could have provided American apple juice, apple pie, applesauce, and apple butter to school children and low-income families in Washington state and nationwide?

What about at this current stage, for healthy fodder, to farm animals?

What happens to that Obama global plan if the deadly prepackaged caramel apples are found to be foreign based crops and/or foreign based candy?

From the FDA’s site, they have known about Apple issues with recent events listed and the same contaminant? hmm?

just december

How many have to die until the Obama government wins?


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A Tale of 2 Films and the Crusher Obama Paybacks

Free Speech

Do you remember a wacky, Benghazi blamed movie cited by the Obama Administration, including Hillary (What difference does it make?) Clinton, for creating the circumstances of the murders of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith, and CIA contractors, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty?

What ever happened to that supposed film producer? hmm?

Oh yes, a staged trumped-up arrest! Crushed to distract from the failure of the Obama Administration’s inaction and ineptitude?

Free Market

So Sony has had enough of transparent attacks via hackers and threats and decides to pull its Christmas release. Who weighs in but the crusher and megalomanic Obama. Really? Is there nothing more relevant on his ‘to do’ list than to agitate Hollywood? It’s their business, they built it, and they can shelve it. Is this his crazy hateful payback as he is now shunned by the ‘in crowd’?

The term ‘idiot savant’ springs to mind while observing this un-American bastard who appears to savagely enjoy uprisings, attacks, injuries, and loss of life… upon Americans!


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Don’t Sweat the Lame Duck Congressional Votes

Why start a bellicose battle now… why tip the hand of a duplicitous POS potus?

Congress will be in order in January, and no amount of wailing by petty deceptive DemocRATS, will be able to strangle the will of We The People via the truly vetted and elected Republicans and Conservatives.

Boehner is doing the right thing… please filter out the Liberal swill!

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Don’t PUSH Drug Money Profits onto Charities For A Tax Deduction

Goodness of one’s heart or greedy DRUG capitalist’s profits need a safety charity deduction?

November 25  Prosser Schools Won’t Accept Profits From Weed

December 9 Boys & Girls Club Turns Down Marijuana Auction Money

bwa ha ha

Up in smoke: WA pot firms say their profits are getting burned down by tax bills

Looks like Weed Dealers can be taxed out of business… hmm? Wasn’t Al Capone hauled off for tax evasion?

Surely… Weed Dealers just want to lend a hand… before handcuffs are placed.

Kudos to those who refuse to take the ‘High’ Way!

Tick, tick, tick… Charitable Donation Time closing soon for Tax Year 2014… bwa ha ha

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Antithesis of the Obama Administration Found in Gandhi’s Words

Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South

I cannot teach you violence, as I do not myself believe in it. I can only teach you not to bow your heads before any one even at the cost of your life.
Mahatma Gandhi

This is just one of his many timeless observations and quotes often cited under courageous works, as in David Jesse Ludema’s student essay held at the Gerald R. Ford Library and Museum

…To fully understand what courage means today, we must look into the unconditional deeds of
bravery preformed by the people who have cemented their greatness in this world. Gandhi is one of
those historical people. Gandhi sacrificed his own reputation and well being for others. He preached
rebellion through non-violence, and in 1919 the Amritsar Massacre took place. In the massacre, the
oppressive British Troops killed millions of Indians. The British deprived the Indians of their rights
and religious practices. Gandhi led the…

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