Democrats Stealing 2016 Election?

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Democrats sealing 2016 election

Many states have tried to call for presentation of ID at the polls, and the Dems have called it a racial matter against Blacks. Now that many blacks have woken up and found that the progressive way does not benefit them personally, the leftists have “opened the floodgates” for future voters. These future progressive illegals will flood the polls, with their state issued IDs, and halt the possible blockade from the new found black Republican vote.

California and other blue states are issuing these drivers licenses and spending millions on new facilities using taxpayer money to get this done as fast as possible to overturn the American Citizens will.

The King Obama rule is in full motion and if this isn’t the end of the republic, then it is the end of freedom as our forefathers have described it.

I had to hike the title because they are sealing the deal to steal the whole deal!


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