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Obama Karma is Caramelizing

In other words, the bull is on the spit and it is getting fired up…

Obama’s pen isn’t mightier than the sword, because the planet has computers to expose his use and abuse of same.

His party of Liberal Democrats who invented the KKK and paint ‘white-face’ upon legitimateRepublican candidate posters is on full blown display and Americans despise all that he panders.

Chickens (like Obama and his petulant edicts) come home to roost in their nests… if they don’t make a serious left and cross the road into oncoming traffic!


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P&G TIDE (sales) are Turning vs. VA Beds are Burning!

I took some much-needed time away from blogging as WE THE PEOPLE can not fix stupid in DC

The latest stupid move of Obama the USURPER, LIAR, and all around CLOWARD

Obama to nominate former Procter & Gamble chief to lead VA

Obama must have heard “…the tide is turning…” and thought he found a winning general to command the VA. Oopsy!

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Where is MG David E. Quantock, The Second Authority, Who Could Arrest the Usurper?

Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South

Where isMG David E. Quantock and why would The United States Of America care? He has the ability to arrest Obama and end this usurper’s attacks upon the American people at home and abroad!

On Pages 147 & 148 of the book The Government of the District of Columbia by Walter Fairleigh Dodd (also wrote the ultimate resource book The Revision and Amendment of State Constitutions) states:

“…The President of the United States is commander-in-chief of the militia of the District of Columbia, and appoints an officer with the rank of brigadier general who acts as commanding general of the militia Upon the nomination of the brigadier general the President of the United States appoints a retired officer of the United States Army as adjutant general of the District militia 1 In case of invasion or rebellion the President of the United States may call the national guard…

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The Ultimate Authority to Arrest the Usurper

Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South

Who is the Senate Chief Law Enforcement Officer ?
It is the Sergeant At Arms and Doorkeeper of the U.S. Senate.

Who is the Sergeant At Arms and Doorkeeper of the U.S. Senate?
Why it is now Andrew B. Willison!

And his special ability is:

“…As chief law enforcement officer of the Senate, the Sergeant at Arms is charged with maintaining security in the Capitol and all Senate buildings, as well as protection of the members themselves. The Sergeant at Arms serves as the executive officer of the Senate for enforcement of all rules of the Committee on Rules and Administration regulating the Senate Wing of the Capitol and the Senate Office Buildings and has responsibility for and immediate supervision of the Senate floor, chamber and galleries. The Sergeant at Arms is authorized to arrest and detain any person violating Senate rules, including the President of the United…

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Common Core at the $1 Store

The value or lack thereof is so very transparent with this Common Core Curriculum that it has ended up in the clutter of $1 stores


005 - Copy

Note: Brainwashing declaration on back of booklet, because since time immemorial or PRE-Obama, the planet has been learning everything all wrong?

“…Expose children to new ways of problem solving…”


What’s wrong with the processing of this booklet?


The PTB want to corrupt, and early. Note that this is one of several that I could have picked up. They are geared to our Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third grade as I noted previously within Retailing Common Core? Just #StopCommonCore Now!

Wow retailed at $ 19.99 back in October, Common Core is now relegated to the $1 store shelves. THIS speaks volumes! If your child’s education is based on the value of the courses, it’s a failure!

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Anyone For International Space Laser Tag?

Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South

SoRussia Bans U.S. From International Space Station: How Should America Respond?


Somebody has been planning ahead…

Distance with Planning

October 9, 2009NASA blasts moon with rocket in search for water

Ability to Pinpoint

March 11, 2014Scientists set to laser-blast orbiting space debris

Digital Control

June 6, 2014NASA’s Using Space Laser to Download Video From Orbit at Gigabit Speeds

Ready to rumble or will it be… tumble out of orbit?

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Idaho You Think Bowe Bergdahl is a Hot Potato or Just a Treasonous Traitor Like the Rest of America?

Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South

Bergdahl’s hometown cancels celebration amid furor and that would be Hailey Idaho!

If the family is so transparently anti-American… what does that say about Hailey Idaho?

There will be no Idaho potatoes in this house, dehydrated, chips, or freshly dug.

The community wanted to throw a welcome home party? What part of that community is looking for the answers to true heroes, like the men of Benghazi, who laid down their lives for all Americans?

Americans see Bowe Bergdahl Arnold, because Benedicthas been surpassed!

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Let Us Contemplate Via Guest Writer

Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South


A US soldier goes AWOL from Fort Pendelton. He leaves of his own accord with No weapon, a compass, food and drink. On the way to Idaho he gets kidnapped by gang members in L.A. and held for five years and inducted into the gang. Will the government trade 5 gang members tried and convicted of murder out of Folsum prison for this AWOL soldier? WTF?!?!

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Farewell Ann B. Davis, Good Night Alice

Later Baby Boomers remember The Brady Bunch with Alice dating Sam the Butcher ( who we also remember from Gomer Pyle and later All in the Family)… and YES “…those were the days!”

Well Ann B. Davis has passed, and on to her maker, the God of Christianity! When Miss Davis came to a book signing of “Alice’s Brady Bunch Cookbook” back in the early 90s in Syracuse, nostalgia overwhelmed and I had to see her. She was so very gracious and I bet over 300 people came to see her at just the one store in town that day, and that was not her only visit.


Thank-you again for the fun Miss Davis, rest well!


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