If You Can Sing the Theme Song to Welcome Back Kotter…

Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South

…then you are a true ‘Baby Boomer’!

It was #1 on the charts during this week in 1976. Baby Boomers were wearing flared jeans, and synthetic or silk shirts and blouses, and spinning on the floors dancing (discos were starting to pop up across the nation) the night away.

We were multi-talented, not multi-tasking, by holding down a job, getting good grades in school, and campaigning for Gerald Ford’s election. Sadly, we ended up with Carter.

Now we are enduring Carter on steroids. It’s round 2 of high food prices, high gas prices, housing problems, lack of jobs, poor domestic policies and even worse foreign policies. Yes history does repeat if you are around long enough to see it!

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