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Why the Varying Dates on 3 Markers Within Feet of Each Other in Washington State?

This is EXACTLY why children in Washington State are failing with the Common Core Curriculum. Even the adults who produced the signage and monuments in this Liberal-loving state couldn’t get it together on the reality of dates. THAT’S JUST ON THE YEARS!

Proof is in the pics …


“Fort Walla Walla… 1818… 1855”

029“…Stood Fort Nez Perce Also Called Fort Walla Walla… 1818 -1856”


Then this disrespected and obstructed sign that touts “Walla Walla County is designated a heritage county created in 1854…” then what, immediately dismantled Fort Walla Walla/Fort Nez Perce in 1855 or was it 1856? Geesh!

Just love those country drives!


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And so it continues… with SCOTUS Approval

Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South

For Immediate Release: May 27, 2014

Failing to Hold Police, Law Enforcement Accountable for Wrongdoing, U.S. Supreme Court Affirms Immunity Protections for Government Officials

WASHINGTON, DC — Ruling in two separate cases in Plumhoff v. Rickard and Wood v. Moss, the U.S. Supreme Court has once again refused to hold law enforcement officials accountable for allegedly violating citizens’ constitutional rights. In the first case, the Court dismissed complaints against police officers who were involved in a fatal shooting, despite Fourth Amendment concerns that the officers needlessly resorted to a deadly use of force, and in the second, the Court granted “qualified immunity” to Secret Service officials who relocated anti-Bush protesters, despite concerns raised that the protesters’ First Amendment right to freely speak, assemble, and petition their government leaders had been violated. Noting that these decisions are part of a recent trend toward granting government officials “qualified immunity” in lawsuits…

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This Weekend Time to Remember Those Who Have Gone Before and For US

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What About Mayflower Arkansas?

One of the worst examples of shady Liberals, other than Obama, as Pryor was one of the enablers of this continuing future fable…

Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South

and other areas of Arkansas recently hammered by one long tornado riddled path of April 27?

But Arkansas gets nearly $100,000 for housing counseling all over the state but noticeably missing from the affected areas, hmm? I wonder who is profiteering? It’s not as if, housing and money, are a regular Democratic gaming tactic… or just wait a minute…. I remember…

Free Land and Homes… Now Free Money in Arkansas via Senator Mark Pryor’s Assist!

hmm… 2011 &  mismanagement continues today?

Remember in November, Arkansas, to reject theslacker Pryor – he has only been helping himself!

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Liberals vs Conservatives – Down to Nuts and Bolts

The (Left) Nuts (Liberals) and (Right) Bolts (Conservatives) can be defined in a simple illustration

Left                                                                      Right


Which quantity of salt would be preferred on a hamburger?

Would it be the liberal pile or the conservative dash… and what are the results when corrective action is applied?

The liberal pile is too much for a sandwich, or even to bake a loaf of bread, make a soup, etc… it’s just too darn much and removing some just won’t fix anything. It is a total waste of the salt and the sandwich with nothing left to eat.

The conservative dash can always be added to, as needed, without destroying the entire product until it is just right.

How do you like your politics served? Think about it!

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Why Does the Government Leave Taxpayer Funded Military Equipment Behind?

Why the waste during this administration? It’s not as if this is a first or even a single event…


as the JBLM Kiowa helicopter squadron to be inactivated.

There is

4/4/14 Scrap Heap of War: Billions in equipment being left behind in Afghanistan

3/24/14 Afghanistan–Pakistan: U.S. Must Ensure that Its Military Gear Does Not Exacerbate Regional Tensions

10/7/13 Navy SEALs Left Behind This Gear During Their Failed Somalia Raid

12/16/11 Gear left behind in Iraq – No real surprise

3/15/10 Army Field Support Brigade executes Left Behind Equipment mission

Where’s the recycling? How does the product aid and comfort our enemies in money and technological development?

I smell TREASON!

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90 Days for a New VA Appointment in Washington State

Every time the liberal Feds ‘progress’, they actually regress…

Take the recently uncovered VA Hospital Death Panel secret delay lists in Arizona, add in a bunch of returning to stateside servicemen and women…

May 6 Grand Forks Guard unit welcomed home after year-long mission in Washington, D.C. ( Same battle fatigue, our weary troops )

April 24 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit returns home after eight-month deployment

April 19 National Guard members return home for Easter

April 14 Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group Returns Home

(to name just a few that occur throughout each and every month, without even adding the daily retiring vets from Viet Nam, Granada, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, etc)

…then shake it all up with perpetual paranoia, incompetence, and NSA monitoring and what do you get?

Standstill and the worst and purposeful lack of care for our Veterans in history.

Reported to me today, up here in Washington State, appointments are running 90 days out, and that’s without an appointment being set. The patient must wait to receive ‘snail mail’ notification that a future 90 day out appointment may be initiated!

Really, Obama, Really?

This is nothing more than a countrywide VA Hospital Death Panel secret appointment delay list!

The Obama Administration wants VETERANS TO DIE QUICKLY!

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Obama is SO Wishy Washy, He Has Frenemies Only!

The proof is in planet Earth’s entire populace lack of respect, fear, or liking for Obama, that it has brought Obama’s megalomania, to its knees, as he becomes disappointed with the World

in the last year and recently….

Russia Retaliates Over Sanctions – from Space

North Korea Calls Obama ‘A Black Monkey’ – Yahoo News UK

Poll: Americans think Obama is a liar

Obama to get an earful from Saudis

Report: Obama rejecting calls from Netanyahu amid tension over Iran

Where was Obama during Benghazi? Ask the White House diarist

Point Proven!

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Liberal Lunacy When You Title It ‘Barn Owl Boot Camp’

Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South

Stop the lunacy

The indoctrination continues everywhere….

The Tri-City Herald wants everyone to know that the Barn Owl Boot Camp in Richland aims to raise awareness of plight.

You lost me at “…Boot Camp…”!

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If You Can Sing the Theme Song to Welcome Back Kotter…

Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South

…then you are a true ‘Baby Boomer’!

It was #1 on the charts during this week in 1976. Baby Boomers were wearing flared jeans, and synthetic or silk shirts and blouses, and spinning on the floors dancing (discos were starting to pop up across the nation) the night away.

We were multi-talented, not multi-tasking, by holding down a job, getting good grades in school, and campaigning for Gerald Ford’s election. Sadly, we ended up with Carter.

Now we are enduring Carter on steroids. It’s round 2 of high food prices, high gas prices, housing problems, lack of jobs, poor domestic policies and even worse foreign policies. Yes history does repeat if you are around long enough to see it!

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