Quartzsite Arizona – Another of the BLM’s Land Grabs

This time it is for solar panels and a solar tower…

Once again GOLD is involved!

First – the cost to the taxpayers and the amount of land to be grabbed. If the Federal Infrastructure Permit is to be taken at face value

quartzsite permit

Taxpayer Cost

That would be $800 million divided by 30 thousand homes & businesses for a cost of $26,666.66 per each. 

Now if each home or business had an annual electric bill of $3600 it would take 7.41 years to recoup the initial planned project. This is also hoping that it works, the installation doesn’t go over budget, and that no maintenance occurs in that 7.41 years window.
Land Grabbed
Declared via permit – 1675 acres or 2.6172 square miles, outside a town with a Population of 3654 (2012). How will this affect the Flora and Fauna. This does not include other projects, just solar at this point.


Even more costs? You betcha!

From TucsonSentinel.com June 9, 2013 Feds approve solar-power project proposed near Quartzsite

More houses/businesses… how will this affect the desert Flora and Fauna? More taxes, what’s not to love about that?

Second – a damning disclosure of a lack of agreement with other agencies and Native American Tribes (8 pages of a larger document).

Thirda very busy map of projectsArizona BLM Solar and Wind Applications. Now the Wind portion is revealed for the entire state and the Water portion is here. It does not appear that there could be too much ‘transformation’/destruction for Arizona, no matter what the residents might think!

FourthThe Dept of Energy conveniently ties the brown shirt government organizations together by NEPA Milestones and in particular within the Quartzsite portion screen capture


Fifth – There is  GOLD in ‘them there hills‘. The Copperstone Mine near Quartzsite is ramping up for production. Isn’t it interesting that

…All permits were achieved in a rapid permitting time-frame in of approximately one year from the publication of the Feasibility Study…

Yet the Keystone XL Pipeline and other diverse energy projects continue to languish!

A nice tidbit of information is also provided on the mine’s main web page


A map showing GOLD distribution in the Western US. Take the Quartzsite, Bundy, & Chocolate Mountains locations and position them on the map… hmm? Are the Solar, Wind, & Water projects designed for homes and businesses in the classic sense? Or is it more reasonable to suspect them to be the best darn utilities (paid for by the taxpayers with increased taxes) to advance GOLD extractions from the localized mines?



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