Dilapidated Nuclear Waste Storage and Earthquake Hazards – What Could Go Wrong?

If I hadn’t just read that the Inspector General says Hanford capsules at risk in earthquake the other day (April 3rd), reading tonight that a Small earthquake shakes ground near Finley, is another example of those faux Washington state’s ‘meany greeny gusto’ for healthier and environmentally friendly living situations.

Faulty capsules containing radioactive cesium and strontium buried in the ground, near the water table of the Columbia River with the potential eruption of a volcano or several and light to moderate irregular earthquake activity to jostle them around, will continue to create more environmental disasters. How is this green?

Washington state in recent weeks has also proven to be notoriously destructive over many decade cycles to green trees that were cut from unstable or destabilized dirt foothills and mountains. Then Washington state, over the years, had allowed that same  land to be purchased for human occupancy located in a landslide hazard zone – i.e.Oso.

So killing trees, stripping the land, and endangering the public… is green?

I call Bullshit! There is no ‘green’ in Washington State, other than the Evergreen tree or the color of money changing hands!



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