Simply Put, It’s ‘Internet Site Envy’

Obamacare vs Hobby Lobby

Which one has a fully functioning website?

Which one is a lawful tax-paying wholesome business?

Which one offers, a standard product to superb selection, to the masses at the same price?

Which one truly delivers value?

If you have any questions, which one will you get an immediate response?

Which one is operating a secure, for your credit card & information, site?

Which one gives you more bang for your buck or something useful at all?

Which one is family friendly?

Which one is tolerant, even joyous, of religion?

Which one is a creative spark?

Which one is truly interactive?

Which one has the best graphics?

Which one is not used as another tool of the NSA?

Which one is valued in each community?

IRS jackboots don’t come clamoring if you do not visit this site?

Which one was not built upon the backs of the taxpayers?

Which one do consumers come first, are appreciated, and feel satisfied?

I bet you answered Hobby Lobby each and every time!









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