Pejorative Minority Classes Ruling with Rackets Part 5

When a few hundred people are elected to serve, but desire to reign instead, government anarchy is on display…

Illegal Aliens, Expired Green Card Holder, etc

If a country has immigration laws, and people in offices to process immigrants, and border patrol to prevent illegals from land entry to TSA/DHS who are to protect and defend our borders from criminals entering by air and sea… hold leadership, or lack thereof, accountable for ‘theft of taxpayer monies’. Dereliction of duties and poor performance evaluations attest to the fact that unqualified and unskilled personnel are in position from top to bottom in this area of government!

Could illegals roaming freely unchecked in the US be dangerous criminals, spread diseases (sudden Mumps outbreak in Ohio or Measles in New York) , or sponge/thieve, hiding 100 to a residence, by and for illicit activities? Well, who knows as they were never vetted in background, therefore medical problems or hosting is unknown, and once again there is a cycle of undeserved or ‘theft of taxpayer monies‘ by deception.

Blatant Disregard for Constitutional Law

The Bogus POTUS – still unvetted and still usurping as of January 2009, has never met a law he would not circumvent.

US DOJ – never investigated POTUS background/nor revealed any findings to WE THE PEOPLE, Fast & Furious and other sordid gun operations, permitted voter suppression/intimidation by thug Black Panthers, etc. ad finitum ad nauseam, under Holder’s botched watch of selective/preferential justice.

SCOTUS – Changing and installing a Bogus ‘TAX’ ‘law’ initiated by a USURPER of the USA that undermined the entire Health Care System. First SCOTUS claims it is constitutional, which every American knows is false, and then it permits Obama to tweak it countless times past deadlines. This Supreme Court is leading from behind just like the Bogus POS POTUS.

There have been countless perverts, tax-evaders, liars, thugs, and thieves, pushing innumerable criminal agendas, nominated or placed in particularly stringent and powerful positions. As they have added no value, it should be considered another ‘theft of taxpayers monies’.

In Summation

Last in this series identifying some of the most corrupt aspects, conspirators, minions, and mouthpieces during the disastrous dark days of the Obama administration and the dirty dog Democrats. The entire body of these slimy thugs, including the Lame Main Stream Media Presstitutes possibly number at the most 5000 with any serious government connections.

How could so few clowns wear this country down?


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