Pejorative Minority Classes Ruling with Rackets Part 3

A Random Slug & Thug Sampling

the lying kings

These are the dark years during the Obama administration of unceasing campaign stumping hoaxes and/or engineered false flags that may have gotten out of control. Many actors and actresses, SAG Union card holders, have been identified in still photographs and/or video segments. You just can’t keep a ham away from a cam. A LIBERAL ‘attack list‘ of a few incidents:

Swine Flu
DC Navy Yard
Ft. Hood
Sandy Hook
Boston Marathon

Through these, and other events, the Lame Main Stream Media assumed the position and blanketed the airwaves with innuendos until each gig (outright lie) was nearly up. The truth untangled after each event was naturally beginning to be understood by a majority of the American people. Therefore the narrative always had to be switched quickly to distract from the reveal, with another staged event, by different un-American groups like:

OWS acting like asses for union benefits or liberal lunacy which proved to be staged for rage.
Any and All Unions attacking TEA Party events for union benefits.
Code Pink partying with terrorists because nothing speaks to what lovely women to befriend when they are wearing a full size ‘vagina’ costume.
Obama promising “…you can keep your doctor…”.
Democratic politicians calling any opposition to their ‘theft of taxpayer monies’ every and any vile name imagined. never-ending mayhem. Many of their group show up at crossover liberal lunatic events just changing the shirt color and org logo of the day.
US Government leaders blaming a bizarre movie for the Benghazi compound attack.

These are a fraction of the constant lies approved, and often uttered, by Obama himself. No matter how many times they declare a truth to be a lie, or a lie to be the truth, we have permanent records on cameras, documents, and recordings to shame and invalidate their refrain.

Tomorrow Pejorative Minority Classes Ruling with Rackets Part 4 because Dirty Dog Democrats always leave the mind wondering… how much money they got out of it?


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