Pejorative Minority Classes Ruling with Rackets Part 1

A Random Slug & Thug Sampling

It’s an ugly Obama world… as gays and lesbians perform a drag show on a United States military base in Japan, whine at beer manufacturers to stay clear of St. Patrick’s Day parades, and moan about privately owned Southern chicken restaurants.

Unqualified welfare recipients… have been gaming the system with theft of services and taxpayers’ monies by fraudulent reporting, gone on greedy unauthorized shopping sprees, committed falsification of documentation to procure funds, and extracted monies using identity theft.

Union tools and fools were… ordered to create tremendous amounts of chaos… like teachers launching common core curriculum to stupefy a nation, actors acting the asses in OWS protests, unions wailing to push Obamacare through and have now found to their own detriment that the unions screwed themselves.

Race-baiting Chumps and the ‘in the Obama tank’ MSM have gone on overdrive to attack good Americansraging racist lies from the Congressional Black Caucus were fiction, Obama’s own code words for racist’ “…acted stupidly…” were discovered during the still infamousCambridge event‘, race-baiting political figures to race-baiting progressive groups to race-baiting Hollywood Z-listers have declared a baseless war on the patriotic TEA PARTY.

Tomorrow… more ‘Obama anti-American support groups’ in Pejorative Minority Classes Ruling with Rackets Part 2


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