Presidential Theft of Services

If it takes 4 hours on average to play 18 holes of golf, and Obama has played his 165th Round of Golf, that equals 27.5 full days of waste, fraud, and abuse (as he is not getting any better at it!).

This total of 27 1/2 day’s time frame, however, does not account for arriving to and departing from said outings. It also does not incorporate the amount of time wasted on sudden or scheduled vacations (as often as not Barack & Michelle take separate leaves, costing twice as much upon the taxpayers’ backs), to the inglorious campaigning/scampaigning, i.e., the failed Olympics bid for Chicago overseas or the never ending Obamacare hootenanny domestically, or the mysterious MIA episodes (like the evening of the Benghazi attack) or daily briefings. Don’t even get me started on his late arrivals to speeches or events. At least, when he voted ‘PRESENT’ in the Illinois Senate, he had to be there!

What does Obama really do with all of his free time aka the American people’s stolen Presidential performance paid time? Correct services have not conformed to standards or rendered constitutionally by this White House and entire a$$ministration. The Congress and Supreme Court, are failing Americans, as well. Is this the ultimate theft of services?


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