Hanford Nuclear Facility, Birth Defects, & Large Land Parcels Auctioned

Various sourced articles paint the picture…

CurrentHanford finds more N-waste tanks at risk of leaking

CurrentSurge in babies born without brains in Washington State

November 2013Canadian outbids all for valuable Red Mountain vineyard land
CurrentlyHorse Heaven Hills land to be auctioned
CurrentlyWhite Swan, Yakima County, Washington Farms and Ranches For Sale

My own research on land grab attempts, by government agencies in the immediate vicinity, due to supposed ‘rare’ or ‘endangered’ species – In Washington State It’s Another Monthly Land Grab via the Feds!

The magnitude of potential impact reduces New York State’s Love Canal to a minor footnote of EPA challenges.  Apparently the EPA wants to aggressively dedicate its site to the false science (detailed by David Evans, and who, Denise and I interviewed extensively last year on Uncommon Knowledge) that is Climate Change. Concerns about Hanford… not so much. Lots of reports, very little action!

Some got out/off easy, some with unusual payments

May 2013Head of company overseeing leaking nuclear tanks at Hanford to step down
Reported February 2012Dept of Energy Awards Unnecessary Severance Package

Dangerous to Deadly Safety Issues

Any questions?



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