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Sen Grassley’s Common Core Curriculum Kibosh Request

Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South

Via a Dear Patriot Friend’s email today…

Please call US Senators and ask them to sign on to Senator Grassley’s letter to discontinue funds for Common Core. I suggest you read the attached letter and then call US Senators’ office. Ask them to sign on to the letter and ask how you can send a copy directly to their email. Let them know you will be calling Sen. Grassley in a week to see what Senators have signed the letter. Then please make sure you do just that. If your Senators have not signed the letter call them back and if they are up for election (IE Sen. Lamar Alexander, Sen. Marco Rubio etc.) remind them you will express your displeasure at the ballot box in November if they do not support Senator Grassley efforts.

The Letters



Stopping/reversingthe Common Core Curriculum

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Two Teen Suicides in Tri-Cities is Two Too Many in One Month

In less than 1 month’s time and in the same vicinity…

March 3rd Police 13-year-old West Richland student dies from self-inflicted gunshot wound

March 28th 14-year-old dies from self-inflicted gunshot

… the Tri-Cities of Washington State.

Is the catalyst Common Core Curriculum?

*Has your Tri-Cities student missed/skipped school? Has an argument occurred, in the home, because of same? Parents… please pay attention!



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Obamacare Gavage

Gavage or forced-feeding is the custom of forcing an animal or person to ingest food against their will. Quite often when this process occurs it is in association with geese or ducks. This is to fatten the liver for the delicacy, Foie Gras, for elitist snobs. More recently a tortuous tradition called Leblouh, or the fattening of prepubescent girls to marry off to manpig slobs in Mauritania, has been documented.


Were the above processes inspiration to Obama, his DC minions & his MSM Presstitutes’ repetitious fables of quality government rendered health care insurance? Call it Obamacare Gavage because all conspired to force Obamacare down the throats of the American people. It could also be called Obamacare Savage and Ravage for, like the geese and the girls, all have been abused or sold off in the end!

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Simply Put, It’s ‘Internet Site Envy’

Obamacare vs Hobby Lobby

Which one has a fully functioning website?

Which one is a lawful tax-paying wholesome business?

Which one offers, a standard product to superb selection, to the masses at the same price?

Which one truly delivers value?

If you have any questions, which one will you get an immediate response?

Which one is operating a secure, for your credit card & information, site?

Which one gives you more bang for your buck or something useful at all?

Which one is family friendly?

Which one is tolerant, even joyous, of religion?

Which one is a creative spark?

Which one is truly interactive?

Which one has the best graphics?

Which one is not used as another tool of the NSA?

Which one is valued in each community?

IRS jackboots don’t come clamoring if you do not visit this site?

Which one was not built upon the backs of the taxpayers?

Which one do consumers come first, are appreciated, and feel satisfied?

I bet you answered Hobby Lobby each and every time!








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West Coast States Have Landslide Hazards Maps

Are you aware? Are you prepared?

California Landslide Hazards mapping

Oregon Landslide Hazards mapping

Washington Landslide Hazards mapping

Every year, in all three states, minor land or mudslides occur and predominately in the specifically marked areas posted above. It would behoove residents to educate themselves on the layout of their land and what is the composition of the soil or rocks beneath. What would be the effects of heavy rains? Unfortunately, a rare but major slide like that in Oso Washington, is a wake-up call.

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Oso Washington Mudslide/Landslide Maps Viewable 2009

Not to take away from the tragedy that is ongoing (24 now known dead) in Oso Washington, but there was – and still is – online (USGS landslide document for Snohomish County October 2009), viewable materials to base land purchases that may pose hazardous with potential landslides.

Screen captured portion of a plain map surrounding and including Oso

Screen captured portion of a hazardous landslide map surrounding and including Oso (via landslide pdf above)


and that key via landslide pdf above


All that can be said now is that hopefully many across this great USA take this horrific event to heart… help if you can, learn about your own terrain and surroundings, and be ever vigilant.


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Pejorative Minority Classes Ruling with Rackets Part 5

When a few hundred people are elected to serve, but desire to reign instead, government anarchy is on display…

Illegal Aliens, Expired Green Card Holder, etc

If a country has immigration laws, and people in offices to process immigrants, and border patrol to prevent illegals from land entry to TSA/DHS who are to protect and defend our borders from criminals entering by air and sea… hold leadership, or lack thereof, accountable for ‘theft of taxpayer monies’. Dereliction of duties and poor performance evaluations attest to the fact that unqualified and unskilled personnel are in position from top to bottom in this area of government!

Could illegals roaming freely unchecked in the US be dangerous criminals, spread diseases (sudden Mumps outbreak in Ohio or Measles in New York) , or sponge/thieve, hiding 100 to a residence, by and for illicit activities? Well, who knows as they were never vetted in background, therefore medical problems or hosting is unknown, and once again there is a cycle of undeserved or ‘theft of taxpayer monies‘ by deception.

Blatant Disregard for Constitutional Law

The Bogus POTUS – still unvetted and still usurping as of January 2009, has never met a law he would not circumvent.

US DOJ – never investigated POTUS background/nor revealed any findings to WE THE PEOPLE, Fast & Furious and other sordid gun operations, permitted voter suppression/intimidation by thug Black Panthers, etc. ad finitum ad nauseam, under Holder’s botched watch of selective/preferential justice.

SCOTUS – Changing and installing a Bogus ‘TAX’ ‘law’ initiated by a USURPER of the USA that undermined the entire Health Care System. First SCOTUS claims it is constitutional, which every American knows is false, and then it permits Obama to tweak it countless times past deadlines. This Supreme Court is leading from behind just like the Bogus POS POTUS.

There have been countless perverts, tax-evaders, liars, thugs, and thieves, pushing innumerable criminal agendas, nominated or placed in particularly stringent and powerful positions. As they have added no value, it should be considered another ‘theft of taxpayers monies’.

In Summation

Last in this series identifying some of the most corrupt aspects, conspirators, minions, and mouthpieces during the disastrous dark days of the Obama administration and the dirty dog Democrats. The entire body of these slimy thugs, including the Lame Main Stream Media Presstitutes possibly number at the most 5000 with any serious government connections.

How could so few clowns wear this country down?

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Pejorative Minority Classes Ruling with Rackets Part 4

The Agitators-1%ers acting like asses

The Secretary of State of the United States John ‘Lurch’ Kerry spouts

“…Russia has an enormous historical connection to Ukraine. We know this, but that doesn’t legitimize just taking what you want because you want it or because you’re angry about the end of the Cold War or the end of the Soviet Union…”

That will leave Russians shaking in their shoes, NOT!

The Secretary of State of the United States Hillary ‘Pantsuit woMAN’ Clinton screams while

“…With all due respect, the fact is, we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night who decide to kill some Americans, what difference at this point does it make?…”

sitting and testifying in front of the Senate Committee. What kind of behavior is that for a woman, a Secretary of State, or a former First Lady?

Campaigning for U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro, etc. ad finitum… suggests that

“…if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun…”

And what about later, once elected, he, himself, used the most vulgar words, for TEA Party members on a handwritten response to an elementary school? What a unifier, NOT!

Former (and Thank Goodness) Speaker of the House Nancy ‘Plastic Puss’ Pelosi obfuscates when she declared

“…we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it…”

referring to Obamacare aka ACA. Ms Pelosi, WE THE PEOPLE know what’s in that bill,  and WE don’t like it no matter how many times Obama tweaks or twerks it!

NOTE on the site there is no Richest Republicans list, but there sure is a full list of Richest Democrats aka 1%ers

John Kerry is listed at a Net Worth: $194 Million
Hillary Clinton is listed at a Net Worth: $21.5 Million
Barack Obama is listed at a Net Worth: $11.8 Million
Nancy Pelosi is listed at a Net Worth: $26.4 Million

hmm? and OWS never hassled them?

NO, because OWS was an operating arm of agitation of the dirty dog Democratic party, minions, unions, and organizations.


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Pejorative Minority Classes Ruling with Rackets Part 3

A Random Slug & Thug Sampling

the lying kings

These are the dark years during the Obama administration of unceasing campaign stumping hoaxes and/or engineered false flags that may have gotten out of control. Many actors and actresses, SAG Union card holders, have been identified in still photographs and/or video segments. You just can’t keep a ham away from a cam. A LIBERAL ‘attack list‘ of a few incidents:

Swine Flu
DC Navy Yard
Ft. Hood
Sandy Hook
Boston Marathon

Through these, and other events, the Lame Main Stream Media assumed the position and blanketed the airwaves with innuendos until each gig (outright lie) was nearly up. The truth untangled after each event was naturally beginning to be understood by a majority of the American people. Therefore the narrative always had to be switched quickly to distract from the reveal, with another staged event, by different un-American groups like:

OWS acting like asses for union benefits or liberal lunacy which proved to be staged for rage.
Any and All Unions attacking TEA Party events for union benefits.
Code Pink partying with terrorists because nothing speaks to what lovely women to befriend when they are wearing a full size ‘vagina’ costume.
Obama promising “…you can keep your doctor…”.
Democratic politicians calling any opposition to their ‘theft of taxpayer monies’ every and any vile name imagined. never-ending mayhem. Many of their group show up at crossover liberal lunatic events just changing the shirt color and org logo of the day.
US Government leaders blaming a bizarre movie for the Benghazi compound attack.

These are a fraction of the constant lies approved, and often uttered, by Obama himself. No matter how many times they declare a truth to be a lie, or a lie to be the truth, we have permanent records on cameras, documents, and recordings to shame and invalidate their refrain.

Tomorrow Pejorative Minority Classes Ruling with Rackets Part 4 because Dirty Dog Democrats always leave the mind wondering… how much money they got out of it?

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Pejorative Minority Classes Ruling with Rackets Part 2

A Random Slug & Thug Sampling

Due to Obama’s ‘common core curriculum’ garbage the unskilled and stupefied graduates of public schools/universities (where every young brain is left behind) who apprentice into service jobs are demanding journeyman pay, crazed newly-elected political leaders are hankering for higher wages for their locals for popularity and 15 minutes of flame. Amazing, since Obama, required less, when he increased the minimum wage for 2 million contract workers. What would the increases do to Obamacare premiums, hmm?

The same out-of-control trolls who demand religious tolerance of Muslims denigrate Christians during the turbulent and dark days of Obama. Right after his first theft of office… I mean ‘election’ … it began with an under-reported twofer as gays/lesbians acting the unnatural asses bashed Christian church services. Then there are the Atheists who purportedly condone no religion but prop Islam or denigrate Christianity at will. The Liberal Left must be integrated with atheism as they appear to be aligned yet add Mormons to the bashing. Let us not forget how Hollywood flakes out when God is mentioned in an acceptance speech.

Gun Grabbing Goons ignore the Bill of Rights and in particular The Second Amendmentas the NRA, 19 States, 34 Congressmen Sue New Jersey Over Gun Law, as Connecticut deals with an out-of-control state government demanding crazy registering of select arms with questionable ethics/tactics displayed by CT law enforcement, and New Yorkers finally get heated in a ‘New York Minute’ and burn gun registration papers! Got to love the Oklahoma Sheriffs who just said NO to removing their guns at their state capitol!

Tomorrow… more ‘Obama anti-American support groups’ in Pejorative Minority Classes Ruling with Rackets Part 3.

It’s just too darn easy to unmask them!

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