Can Someone Document the Devil’s Birth, Life, or Death on Earth?

As KFOR reports Temple seeks to build monument in ‘homage’ to Satan at State Capitol.

Where is the biographical data for such a tribute?

Where are copies of speeches, school records, friends, and what country did he hail from?

Wait… gee that sounds eerily similar to Obama, hmm?

Major religious leaders have a detailed record and history on planet Earth! Just to name a few and without comment, are Jesus, Buddha, Moses and yes, even Mohammed, leaving a record behind. Current religious leaders like the Pope, Dahli Lama, and Billy Graham have lengthy biographies.

So what about Satan?

If one subscribes to he was cast out of Heaven (not born)… then Heaven exists and God runs it! Let’s see what the Bible says…

Isaiah 14:12

King James Version

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

and so he hasn’t died in so many years (no records), so where is he or his words?

So are worshipers of Satan creating a fictional religion of free for all and free to do whatever they want… because they can?

Oklahoma might I suggest a historian or several, provenance, records, witnesses and testaments,  before seating a ‘phantom religious leader’, sans Dogma, statue?



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5 responses to “Can Someone Document the Devil’s Birth, Life, or Death on Earth?

  1. ALittleBird

    Wondered what this was going to be about-just had to click on link. Great stream of thought! No legitimate historian even Questions that Jesus, Mohammed or Buddha lived! More evidence for their lives in independent contemporaneous writings than for the roman emperors. The only info for Satan is from the Bible & other near eastern writings. Everything for the modern religion was made up since the 1600’s

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