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One Can Not Get Stoned Out of Blood

As Police recover stolen cloth stained with Pope John Paul II’s blood, it just goes to show that one can not get ‘stoned out of blood’.

Excerpt from the same article via theguardian:

“I think John Paul [II]has forgiven them. I think we have to do the same,” D’Ercole said of the men, believed by police to be drug addicts.

This is also proof positive, that you just can’t fix stupid.


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Sick of Obama Propaganda Networks & Cable TV and/or Commercials?

Whatever your preference is… and to save yourself time, money, and aggravation… invest in an Apple TV, Chromecast, or Roku.

All units are moderately priced ($30-$100). Each will have many free streaming channels like FOX, YouTube, The Weather Channel, The History Channel, etc. Additional paid channels, that you may already watch like Netflix or Hulu, can be added to the units with your original signup information. Additional units can be added throughout the home as needed. There is NO monthly service charge on these units!

We watch what want, when we want, with few to no commercials depending on the channel. Our preferred unit is Roku. You need the most basic of cable/phone/satellite connections for internet/TV services to install the unit & Voila!

The Obama agenda and propaganda machine is squelched and there is an immediate savings to your monthly provider package when you cancel the excess services.

But DO… do your own research, then free yourself!

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Americans Hanging on to Every Word…

Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South

of the SOTU speech by the USURPERNOT!

A majority of Americans just want Obama to STFU!

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Tonight’s Tea Party Response to the SOTU Will Be Broadcasted Live Here


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Some Days Hanford Just Looks Scary


Even National Geographic keeps watch in the piece Nuclear Waste Article, Radioactive Garbage Information, Plutonium Facts.

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Harbinger of the Birds

Pope’s peace doves attacked by crow, seagull and just wondering if this is a harbinger of the upcoming meeting with USURPER Obama and sidekick Boozer Biden?

It is best these days, to reference untainted conceptual historical and religious aspects of these animals, as described by the Native North Americans. They had a far longer study period of natural observations of these birds in a unsoiled environment before the rest of the world descended upon these lands. Without modern conveyances and conveniences, the tribes and clans across the continent, often reaffirmed lore and legend:

Native American Crow Mythology

Native American Dove and Pigeon Mythology

Native American Seagull Mythology


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Obama – King Proglodyte and Master of Disaster

Obama is now King Proglodyte who continually whines, rails, and wails against Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. He must… his brain ‘Jarrett’ orders it!

Obama is a total failure and can not speak to his abysmal record. It is far too far into his second administration to blame Bush. With his gross (and it has been totally gross) tenure, he has relegated all Democrats to the trash heap of history with Obamacare.

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Hoping Arkansans Forget, Mike Ross Reaches for the Governorship

Still keeping watch over previous digs.

Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South

Arkansas do you remember July 25, 2011? 

More Good News for Arkansas as Mike Ross ‘Jumps the Shark’

Nice CYA story as Reuters relays “Arkansas Democratic Congressman Ross won’t seek re-election” but the truth is… he never had a chance to win another election…

Ross announcement

Uploaded by stevebrawner1 on Jul 25, 2011

Rep. Mike Ross (D-Arkansas) announces he will not seek re-election in 2012 in Little Rock on July 25, 2011.

This Demonic Democrat slug’s ‘achievements‘ are also known in the real world as seat warming or looking busy activities. Just because one bails… it does not eradicate or negate future charges of traitorous, treasonous decisions rendered for the Usurper. Successful and righteous leaders are not quitters, nor do they hide out from their constituents and they definitely don’t try to sell an Un-Constitutional package of mandated purchasing to “We the People” for an Usurper……

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Liberal Socialist States Ballot Off Cycle of the General Election

Just as one is wearied of results after voting, and/or since it is not during a major general election, just maybe conservatives will blow it off (thoughts rattling around NEA heads)… as the Liberals stump to grab more money.


Any financial pampering pandering for the recessive progressive Common Core Curriculum forced indoctrination by the so-called ‘educational system’ will not be approved.

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I Believe Bob McDonnell & I Don’t Believe the Media



Good evening.

My fellow Virginians, I come before you this evening as someone who has been falsely accused and whose public service has been wrongfully attacked. Earlier today, federal prosecutors filed criminal charges against me and my wife Maureen, alleging that we violated federal law by accepting gifts and loans from Jonnie Williams, the former CEO of Star Scientific. I deeply regret accepting legal gifts and loans from Mr. Williams, all of which have been repaid with interest, and I have apologized for my poor judgment for which I take full responsibility. However, I repeat emphatically that I did nothing illegal for Mr. Williams in exchange for what I believed was his personal generosity and friendship.

I never promised – and Mr. Williams and his company never received – any government benefit of any kind from me or my Administration: no contract, loan, grant, funding, legislation, budget appropriation, regulation, board or commission appointment, or any other official state benefit. I never promised or attempted to influence anyone to give Mr. Williams or his company any official state benefit. I did not try to hide or deceive anyone about my friendship with Mr. Williams. Two independent and non-political investigations have confirmed that Mr. Williams and Star Scientific received nothing from the State, and not one penny of taxpayer money went to him or Star Scientific during my Administration.

Not one penny.

Star Scientific publicly confirmed last spring that it neither sought nor received any special benefits from any official. The federal government’s case rests entirely on a misguided legal theory: that facilitating an introduction or meeting, appearing at a reception, or expressing support for a Virginia business is a serious federal crime for an office holder if it involves a political donor or someone who gave a gift or loan. The U.S. Supreme Court has already rejected this radical idea and for good reason: if it were applied evenhandedly to every elected official, nearly all of them, from President Obama on down, would have to be charged for providing tangible benefits to donors. My administration provided Mr. Williams the same routine courtesies and access to state government that I – and every other Governor before me – afforded to thousands of individuals, companies, charities, and other organizations, whether they were donors or not. No other elected official has ever been successfully prosecuted for such conduct, yet federal officials in Washington, in their zeal to find a basis to charge Maureen and me, have decided to stretch the law to its breaking point.

For 37 years, I have loyally and enthusiastically served my country and state as a U.S. Army Officer, a state prosecutor, a Member of the House of Delegates, Attorney General, and as your Governor. Serving as Governor of Virginia has been the highest professional honor of my life, and I have given my heart and soul to help the people of Virginia. My actions over the past four years were completely dedicated to providing common sense and compassionate solutions to the challenges Virginians face. My team and I worked successfully with Republicans and Democrats to support our citizens, and our work produced good results – creating jobs and record budget surpluses, enacting major education reforms, fixing our state’s transportation and pension systems crises, and taking care of foster children, the homeless, and the mentally ill.

Although the federal investigation of my family has been indescribably agonizing, I believe the facts and the law are on our side, and we will face these false accusations with strength and firm resolve. I have great faith in God, who has blessed me immensely with positions of public trust, a loving family, and devoted friends. I also have great faith in the American justice system. I will use every available resource and advocate I have for as long as it takes to fight these false allegations, and to prevail against this unjust overreach of the federal government.

There is no way for me to fully convey how much I appreciate the ongoing steadfast support and encouragement of friends and countless fellow Virginians through this most difficult and unexpected test of my life. My family and I are most grateful for your prayers and affections.

Thank you for listening to me.


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