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Jonathan Narcisse Spirals Out of Control Right Out of the Gate

Iowa, please pay attention, you have a retro race baiting candidate once again reaching for YOUR governor’s seat! Jonathan Narcisse has quite the sordid personal and campaign history.

Recently, Narcisse, announced his exploratory committee plans. Yet he just can’t help himself from trolling on Facebook today.


Race baiting again, then scrubbing his words away…


Iowa, you deserve better! Don’t throw good money after the Bad!



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Sick of the Odor of Marijuana in Washington State

Look out Colorado, your turn is just around the corner…

What gives these smokers/tokers/jokers in Washington State the right to infringe on my senses, with their erratic behavior, shady eye contact, and odoriferous clothes/breath/skin. Scary that they leave their homes, travel around by car, exuding ‘opium den’ behaviors and smells.

The odor is rank in restaurants, department stores, parking lots, movie theaters, school events (on parents not kids), and anywhere these foolish tools gather. A trip to a convenience store just to buy gas, turns into a 1/2 hour ordeal as a totally toasted freak gathers ‘munchies’, looks for their money, then chats, then remembers to get their gas, looks for their money again, then remembers the pump number they pulled up to, then forgets their change, etc.

Just because a bunch of potheads in Seattle thought this would be a ‘free ticket to fun and profit’, a nurturing mature public sees punks pushing public slacking. Brash, yes… Class, no!

Crimes associated with this diseased weed is on the uptick whether it boils down to money, distribution, under the influence or pushing into the next phase of illegal drug operations. You won’t see the Lame Main Stream Media issuing a warning, as it doesn’t fit the liberal agenda of ‘care-free, fancy free, & gaiety’. Grown-up, mature, and responsible can not be found in the Lib Lexicon!

Washington – now and Colorado – soon… engage in domestic doom and gloom! Party on fools!


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Track Record That is Indisputible Even for the ‘Talking Points’ Obama Minions

Such a deal? Not!


Just how do the Lame Main Stream Media sycophants explain the loss of value of the American dollar to the British pound consistently, for 5 years, following the ‘election’ of the usurping White House resident, Obama?

There is a historical track record, and yes it is, all Obama’s fault!

Note: Screen capture for research history.

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Merry Christmas to My Northwest Friends


Enjoy the day!

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“Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast the First Stone” enter Cracker Barrel

Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South

For Shame Cracker Barrel!

Originally Cracker Barrel Pulls Select “Offensive” ‘Duck Dynasty’ Products.

But of course the public soon discovers that Cracker Barrel Faces Unpaid Wages Class Action Lawsuit with other 1/2 bits of hypocrisy, and so ‘Cracker Barrel’ faces backlash after jumping into ‘Duck Dynasty’ controversy.

Just today Cracker Barrel puts ‘Duck Dynasty’ items back on shelves.

My question is… What unpaid labor resulted in said removal, then return of Phil Robertson graced merchandise during the busy days of the Christmas Season?

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The ‘Pansy Craze’ Returns After 3/4 of a Century

Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South

Brought to you by the MasterBaiter, himself, President Pantywaist, The First Gay President, whose favorite ‘handler’… off and on… has been Reggie Love.

One interesting aspect of forced national recognition of unnatural pairings is that there will be no non-essential closet proffered unnatural offspring to prop careers. When the partners die off, there will be no NATURAL byproduct children of said couple. FACT, there is always an assist! It takes a minimum of 3! 2 who want the child and a 3rd for sperm or egg. Math & Science 101.

When it comes to legislation to appease the Usurper’s desires… acceptance is one thing, spiking the ball is another. He has enough tools, but now he’s into submitting weapons of international agitation. Jeer leaders! Get the picture? Proud still?

GLADDhas glad-handed itself into future obscurity and proper ridicule. It pushed and…

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Usurper Continues to Sexually Profile for Positions?!?

Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South

How many times has Obama bypassed the best candidates or luminaries like when Obama sends message by including gay athletes in Sochi delegation or in other key ‘appointments’ throughout his corrupt administration.

Is it because the First Gay Presidentsamples the goodies, I mean isn’t it against the law to ask sexual preference? HOW DOES HE KNOW?

Also the lack of respect to another country’s morals and mores is outrageous, but then again, the Bogus POS potus, wouldn’t know respectability unless it bit him on his pantywaist behind. Oh but that would garner… a new boy, a new ‘job’… Wink, wink 😉

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Dumba$$ Criminals – West Richland Washington

I have your footprints (a few pics below), your description (slugs with hoodies and goatees), your vehicle’s (truck with trailer) details, and know where you hideout (39th St for #1 & Everett St for #2).



Why would you try to case occupied homes during the holidays, just after the first fresh and impressionable snowfall, and during the day? Answer: Because you are a dumba$$ criminal, and deserve to go to jail or worse!

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Over 1 Million FaceBook Likes on Boycott A&E Until Phil Robertson Is Put Back On Duck Dynasty

A screen capture, like a picture, is worth a thousand million words likes…

Join Americans who care about free speech and free thought by liking Boycott A&E Until Phil Robertson Is Put Back On Duck Dynasty on Facebook.

Remember who owns A&E


and their advertisers and contact information


provided by The Tea Party on Facebook.

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Parents Teaching the Young Ones Right and Early

My heart sings to see an empty Daisy BB Gun display here in Washington State

Merry Christmas Patriots!

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