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Another Great Thanksgiving Eve – ‘Looney’ not Liberal – Cartoon Memory


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Mike Presnell, Director of Border Narcotics, Visits Uncommon Knowledge

Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South

Upon Denise’s contact Mike Presnell, Director of Border Narcotics, stopped by and visited with us tonight, listen in here at

Uncommon Knowledge 11/26 by PatriotResistance | Radio Podcasts.

If you are awake and know just half of this country’s problems with illegals and drug running, Mike fills in the missing pieces. He was engaging and stayed with us nearly the full two hours. What a Patriot!

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50 Years Ago…

…I discovered death.

I was in the Eastern Standard Time zone that day. I don’t know if my morning kindergarten class had gone on or if I had completed its course that day. I clearly remember that I was at my grandmother’s house where the footage was continually looping throughout that afternoon of President Kennedy’s assassination. I was all of 5 but I remember the reaction of the adults that I came into contact with. In retrospect,people were as quiet and calm in their disbelief as the skies empty of planes following September 11th, 2001.

For a little girl in the 60s, it was earth shattering on so many levels. Thanksgiving came and went. There was school, where I was learning all I could, in my very first year. Christmas was just around the corner. Even with all of these distractions, I had learned a horrible and eventual fact of life… that I was going to die. I really don’t know how Mom dealt with such an intelligent child who was so distraught for hours to days in this new-found wisdom but every year upon the remembrance of the loss of ‘Camelot’, I acknowledge my own loss of innocence. This year seems harder, as imperfect as that time was in history, it has regressed under the Usurper to something far worse.

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Walmart, Healthcare, and the New BANANA Republic

For goodness sakes, is there no better symbol that our country is undone than to have, a gentleman tipping a woman about the ins and outs of Obamacare in Walmart, right next to the banana display?


Message delivered!

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How Long America?

Will we allow a usurping liar to continue to destroy our country?

Default is Obama’s and restoration is ours! Be ready for it!

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Tri-Cities Veteran’s Day Parade 11.09.13

Awesome… in the Liberal State of Washington…


Just a few bright moments showing respect for our military men and women.

Thank-you for your service, WE THE PEOPLE of these THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, appreciate you. The USURPER… not so much!

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Just 1 County in 1 State ICE Holdings

And Washington State is LIBERAL!

Daily_Inmate_Roster for November 7, 2013 Benton County Washington.

Search the document with the case-sensitive term ‘ICE’.

Multiply this amount by an average of 3000 counties in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and WE THE PEOPLE have a huge problem on just 1 day of the week.

Note: They were incarcerated for other than ICE infractions!


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Remember How… Nepotized Senator Mark Pryor Plays Political Opossum?

I see it!

In 2014 – Just Say Go Away to Mark Pryor, for the good of Arkansas and the USA!

Has Anyone in Arkansas Fallen For Mark Pryor’s Latest Vote of Conscience?

Remember the Democratic Senators Who Did Not Vote for the Health Care Bill?

Starting my reminders early! Today the 2014 vote is less than 1 year away!

Truly the everlasting Asshat…


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Leading a Life of Civics

Voting and Jury Duty this week.

Good to be one of “WE THE PEOPLE” doing my job… and the Federal Government, not so much!

Will be back after the trial is done or if I get some sort of extended break. I have so many irons in the fire.

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Clearly a Clinton/Obama Pattern

It was well known back in their days, that the Clintons, had

No One Left To Lie To

The Values of the Worst Family


It appears that Obama has diminished the Clinton’s classless lying game as he carries the title: The Liar in Chief. Any part of a future titled  book on Obama should have the bi-line Non-Values of the Worst Family

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