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The American People and the Population Worldwide Never Needed to Respect the Criminal Usurper

The entire Democratic Party continues to act like a teenage party busted!

Obama is the worst offender!

Lying. Teenagers outgrow this in less than 6 years.

Fingers pointed at other even more guilty people. Teenagers learn in less than 6 seconds that nobody buys it.

‘Didn’t know’ is the answer to all questions. Never works because someone good, or threatened by the offender, will talk!

At least the teenagers know their risky behavior might incur a penalty phase. The dirty dog Democrats… not so much, just put on repeat and let the Lame Stream Media Presstitutes carry your duplicated and duplicitous message.

But it’s nearly over, Obamacare is a rat trapa lie that nobody is buying into and people are beginning to talk.

Isn’t it amazing that Welfare (for low-income) and Medicare (earned membership for a lifetime of work) are unpaid insurance policies that are voluntary but Obamacare is a gouging law? This is unequal application to Americans by a Usurper’s unConstitutional Law!

Don’t even get me started on Obama’s spying games, retaliation antics, Benghazi, the IRS, abuse of our military, NSA, and his all over Sham of the Lame Blame Game of Shame that he deploys daily. I often think that he reads the word sham as shah. He does have trouble reading and enunciating in English… it’s almost as if…


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Obamacare Liberals Are No Longer Swooning, They Are Pissed!

‘Bout Damn Time… they appear to be starting to think American instead of Progressive, Recessive, Radical, Lunatic, Marxist, Socialist, Maoist, & every other evil ilk foisted on civilization worldwide and throughout history.

You don’t miss it until you don’t have it, and Obama has hit them in the purse and in cancellations. It’s not like you haven’t been warned by Patriots for over 5 years and even up to this very day

Even Reagan’s ‘black sheep daughter’ Patti Davis had her very public lament on Twitter though she erased it later.


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A Health Network Wasting Money… Whatever!

Expecting a major windfall or telling me that I am full of $hit?

I’m thinking both!


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Retailing Common Core? Just #StopCommonCore Now!

What well-parented Kindergartener, First Grader, or Second Grader screams for their parents to rush to the local or chain stationery store to buy the seedy Common Core curriculum ?

Of course the answer is none, but America it’s on store shelves and at the ridiculous price of $ 19.99. Why?


Don’t buy into it by buying it!
Your children or grandchildren will be stunted for life. Common Core is as disgusting as the nearly eaten green apple core depicted on the front of the box as it will rot a child’s mind! Psy-Ops via words and pictures? How appropriate that this ‘product of liberal lunacy’ is relegated to the bottom shelf!


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Infusing All Aspects of Life with Propaganda

Enter the gaming world, not the one geared towards youth and gamers, but for adults… those who love to play with exercising their own mental acuity.

An occasional ‘shah’ in Boggle seemed innocent enough but when the word ‘mosque’ is the key word in a game, you know that the PTB are infiltrating one of the most innocent forms of recreation.

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World Wide Psy-Ops for Dummies

1 Stage as many outrageous events in every country to look authentic, sound authentic, and put masses of people on ‘high stress’ designed to appear spontaneous i.e. a select few follow

2011 Tucson Shooting
2011 Brazil Shooting
2011 Norway Shooting
2912 France Shooting
2012 Aurora Shooting
2012 Toronto Shooting
2012 Newtown Shooting
2013 Boston Bombing
2013 Washington DC Shooting
2013 Kenya Mall Shooting

2 Turn another type of commerce into static funding institutions, without withdraw possibilities initiated by a USURPER’s decree i.e.

Health Insurance companies in the U.S.

3 Position Radicals throughout, and… tout them in different governments across the planet or the reverse if their usefulness has ended i.e. a select few follow

Muammar Gaddafi
Eric Holder
Mohamed Morsi
Hillary Clinton
Mohamed Nasheed

4 Design standards of aggravation upon civilian populations worldwide for distraction so that more evil implementations can be processed.

Latest examples in the USA are the preprinted signs of govt closures to the indiscriminate SNAP card shopping bonanzas or denials of service.

Are we all learning yet?


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What Flew Up President Pantywaist’s Skirts?

3 Strikes & Then Some

Obama has it out for Americans

and there is nothing to prove the contrary. So upon self-examination, I must be darn near the top of Obama’s “HIT LIST” as I am

God Fearing

Natural Born American Citizen with a Birth Certificate to prove it

DAR ties and namesake to Revolutionary Patriot Robert Means.




TEA Partier





Constitutional Supporter






Military Family

Obamacare Hating

Marxist Hating

Socialist Hating

Communist Hating

Laughing at Liberal Shills

Non-Criminal i.e. LAW ABIDING



United States Patriot who knows a USURPER is at large in Washington DC and turning WE THE PEOPLE’S WHITE HOUSE into the largest SECTION 8 HOUSING on the planet.


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Let the Games Begin in Earnest

As Obama supporters get hammered weekly…

SNAP Program

In ev’ry job that must be done
There is an element of fun
You find the fun and SNAP!
The job’s a game

from Mary Poppins “A Spoonful Of Sugar” and today’s outages.


Sign up, sign in, shut up, pay up. Unions love this!

Obama’s version of ‘Where’s Waldo?’

Pick a park, memorial, of scenic attraction and check if you can view it in the USA.

Obama ‘Red Rover’

Red Rover, Red Rover, America Bend Over!

Everything about this Bogus POS POTUS can be viewed and evaluated in children’s games, stories, movies, etc because Obama is so incredibly childish.

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The Reason the USA Does NOT Have a Republican Socialist Party

… because Socialism is a failure. Wherever it has been introduced it has failed as it is NOT a natural progression of evolution but an institution of jealous men.

Yet United States Democrats repeatedly endorse this fabricated ideology and repeat its refrains in tactics, words, and deeds to their own detriment.

These Dirty Dog Democrats are organized. They are the party of organizations who must partner in name with those who honor destructive directives. It is their lot in life. They must have


Along with various colluding members

Barack Obama and Democratic Socialists of America

Communists in Congress? Just count ’em

Democratic Socialists of America organization site

Democratic Socialists of America defined and exposed

Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America Right in the heart of our US Capital

The Obama Way: Socialists In Congress & Their Attacks On IRS Victims

70 Current members of U.S. Congress are actually Democratic Socialist of America!

Over and over warnings by witnesses confirm

that these Socialists are counter to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and all that WE THE PEOPLE hold dear!

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Is the Obama Admin Conspiring With the US Post Office to Assist Illegals in Funneling Money Out of USA?

My mail delivery today certainly proves it.



Obvious HINT – It is bilingual, appealing to Hispanics and no other culture. Have you ever seen a notice go out in Swahili or Norwegian?


Could this be used for drug smuggling transactions?
What about the purchasing of weapons?
Could Islamic extremists make use of this?
What about providing funds for human smuggling?

hmm? If everything was legit, why would one circumvent banking processes?


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