Liberty Walking Away or Locked Up on a Democrat’s Whim

A blast from a previous blog entry that is as true today as it was back then.

Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South

This may seem a rambling bit, but I’ll get to the meat of it in a just a minute. I have observed the Health Care Shill Bill Fiasco for over a year and I have some important observations on this eve of the bought and paid/bribed/backroom dealt/arm twisted/threatened/ride on Air Force One/coerced Democratic stand all for the aspirations of the Bogus POTUS:

*Tea Party Members/912ers/Independents etc. have always come together unsolicited by any political party or for no payment at rallies/vigils/town halls/events for the good of all Americans on tax increases and health care. They have always remained peaceful and respectful even when called names by the media, or even when physically attacked/assaulted by SEIU members at events. I have personally attended many events. There has never been bad press of these events unless it was the derogatory names used by the media to describe the patriots.
*Can anyone provide…

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