Jeffrey Allan McQueen of USRevolution2 Stops by Uncommon Knowledge on 07/16

Love this flag? Find out more about why it exists and where you can obtain one…

flagIt does not replace our 50 star Flag, it is a tribute and reference which harkens back to the initial American Revolution and Betsy Ross’ original design. Jeffrey Allan McQueen, President and Founder, of stopped by and visited Denise and me for the entire rest of our show last night. Jeffrey was upbeat, inspirational, and thoroughly knowledgeable about our history, our future, and the total deceit with distractions that have been foisted upon America.

Listen up… the beginning of his interview starts at the 15 minute mark as this dedicated Patriot relays some valuable history that is spot on!

Uncommon Knowledge 07/16 by PatriotResistance | Blog Talk Radio.


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