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Voters in the Tri-Cities of Washington State, Don’t Be Slugs!

Complacency is stupidity…

Last week I wrote Tri-Cities Come On! Vote Right! which displayed a 4% turnout with 2 weeks left to go. It is now 1 week for your primary decisions and still only 14% received

which is pathetic!


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Will YOU Sign onto ‘Don’t Fund Obamacare’ ? Every American Should and NOW!

This is the time for All Americans need to make a united stand…

The tools to winning the defeat of Obamacare can be found at

mike and ted

Mike Lee and Ted Cruz are not doing their duty for THEIR HEALTH… they are enabling All Americans to protect OUR OWN HEALTH AND WEALTH!

Now let’s roll, as 28,388 have gone before, at this moment in history!


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Staged Events, Staged Words, Make For a Phoney Baloney and Bogus POS POTUS

OBAMA IS unqualified and an embarrassment to the great republic of  these THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

In 2016 all Americans need to come together and faithfully promise to never, ever allow an un-vetted, unproven divider in thief to usurp our WHITE HOUSE and turn it into the highest priced SECTION 8 housing unit in history.


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From Kentucky: Matt Bevin Begins His Run for US Senate

Let’s meet him…

Matt’s Web Site – Bevin for Senate – Matt Bevin for U.S. Senate‎

Matt is already on the move as he tweets from today’s stops in Kentucky via @MattBevin



Let’s defeat Mitch McConnell, seat-warming Minority Leader of our US Senate, who has unleashed his snarky attack dogs on Twitter via @Team_Mitch with immature snippets like this

VOTE FOR MATT BEVIN and Ditch Mitch for all of  We The People of these The United States of America!

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Proof You Do Not Get to Keep Your Health Care Plan

Postcard delivered by the USPS today…

016015 - Copy

Yes you are reading it right…


What are the chances that you will get to keep your doctor?

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The Short List of the Bogus POS POTUS Crimes Against America and Americans

Just this country-

Obama has attacked the Republic by way of the DOJ’s purposely selling of weapons on American soil to foreign nationals i.e. Fast and Furious & Operation Castaway enabling treasonous activities and American deaths in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution and the ‘oath of office’ of which he has usurped.

Just 1 state at a time-

Obama has attacked the State of Arizona via the DOJ ignoring the Tenth Amendment.
Obama has attacked the State of Alabama with the EPA on Coal.

Just 1 city at a time-

Obama has attacked the City of Las Vegas by public ridicule.

Just 1 group at a time-

Obama has attacked the TEA Party via the DOJ, the IRS, & the SEIC and by public ridicule.
Obama has attacked Gun Owners via the MSM Presstitutes and the Liberal Hollywood Union while threatening the use of a gun vs a knife.
Obama has attacked business owners, i.e. Cash for Clunkers.
Obama has attacked all Americans via the NSA, AttackWatch, and
Obama has attacked the Cambridge Police by public ridicule.

Just an individual at a time-

Obama has attacked George Zimmerman via the DOJ now armed with a ‘tip line’.
Obama has attacked James Rosen of FOX News via the DOJ/NSA etc.

Add your own!

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Tri-Cities Come On! Vote Right!

The primary is August 6th! Where are those ballots?

Have you reviewed the candidates and/or the issues?

Will you blindly permit the Liberal Lunatic fantasies to continually march over the Cascades eastward to distort local lifestyles and lives forever?

As of tonight the count of returned ballots stalls with only 4% in with 2 weeks to go

which bodes poorly… and a prediction of a 40% turnout

is a travesty in the making.

If you don’t vote, nothing changes for the better, and in fact nationwide it has proven to be detrimental! 5 YEARS WORTH!

If you don’t use it, you will lose it… the right to vote and this Republic!

VOTE NOW as if, you and yours, lives depend on it – because it does!

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Maryland’s Best Chance – Get on Board with Dan Bongino!

How Politicians in the DC Bubble Manipulate
the American People.
For Immediate Release
July 22 , 2013
Contact: Karla Graham
(410) 924-4577 or

I have been torn over this but I feel, given the current circumstances, the need to speak out. Although I will never share privileged information or violate the oath I took to serve as a Secret Service agent, I must describe to you the inner workings of the DC “Bubble” to demonstrate how you are being manipulated.

This administration is sadly using the tragic events in Florida in a coordinated effort to ensure continued division, rather than the desperately needed sense of unity. The 2014 election cycle headwinds are blowing strongly against the administration’s policies on the economic, healthcare, and education fronts and they are eager to change the conversation. Every administration plays politics, but this one has taken politics, and the building of “Division-Capital,” to the extreme in the absence of any political capital, which was squandered on the failure of Obamacare and the continued economic malaise. The recent statement by HHS Secretary Sebelius, comparing the growing opposition to Obamacare to the fight against lynching,” is despicable. It is further evidence of this disturbing strategy and deserves bi-partisan condemnation.

I had a front-row seat to this “Bubble” and extend these words to you because the sowing of division capital is very real and it is extremely damaging. Insiders consistently reach out and say to me that they feel as if they no longer work for the government but for the administration’s political efforts.

This shell game being played by the administration is profoundly shameful because it makes no effort to diagnose the problem but attempts to misdirect your attention from it. Racism is a very real problem, that much is undeniable, but real efforts to bridge the divide between communities are ignored because they may not result in the administration’s desired political outcomes. Every calculated sound bite and inflammatory statement is designed to ensure Americans identify with being part of a group, which they define for you, rather than being part of OUR America. The reason is simple. When you identify with a group first, they will inevitably define for you the ways in which that group is under attack, which forces you into a psychological silo of defensiveness. They have used this method of attack to consistently divide a nation desperate to be unified.

We can starve racism to a painful death by employing common-sense solutions that defy the administration’s misleading narrative. We can make illegal employment discrimination economically debilitating to the fools who engage in it by enabling parent-choice in education and ensuring that the next generation of doctors, lawyers, scientists and engineers are densely populated with minority representation. We can propose healthcare reforms which empower individuals and not bureaucrats that want to turn our lower income minority communities into sub-standard government clinics. We can move to repeal economic policies which have destroyed opportunities for our minority entrepreneurs such as the Davis-Bacon Act.

I am sorry to have to write this but I cannot stand idle while the sowing of conflict and division overtakes a very necessary national conversation about the immoral disparities in America that need not be. We are one America, not a series of individual Americas. Our strength is in what we share in common, not what divides us. The only path forward is unity and the courage to stand against and expose the politics of division.

If you would like to hear more about my thoughts concerning this subject, I will be on the Sean Hannity radio show today at 4:30pm. Please tune in and listen.

Fighting with you and for you,


Dan Bongino

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Put the USURPER & Agitators on Ignore!

Every item the Liberal Pressitutes tout is a distraction!

The REAL focus for every red-blooded American should be

Fast and Furious
Land Grabs
Taxation without Authentication
Treasonous and Traitorous Un-American Activities
etc… ad infinitum

Our tools = The Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, and The Bill of Rights.

There are no substitutes – no matter how the Decept-duh-Cons of DC ignore.

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The Slag Heap That IS Washington DC

The lies, the spies, the incestuous ties…

Originally when the USURPER’s circus started in 2009 the American people questioned statements made by the Executive Branch. Nothing ever seemed to ring true. From the forged vetting documents via Pelosi and other minions, to the jailing of Americans looking for facts on Passports or vetting, everyone knew – who was paying attention – that nothing jived.

Now since the circus of slag and slack stole the American people’s votes in 2012, daily… lies are exposed, conspiracies are revealed, and the real criminals of the nation are seat warming in Washington DC! WE THE PEOPLE KNOW and WE KNOW THAT YOU KNOW WE KNOW! So what’s it going to be? Will you treasonous traitorous bastards resign or are you awaiting arrests? It is well past time for the Mary Surratt treatment!

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