Hillary Is All Done… There Will Be No Run for President

She is unfit to sit, or even, to stand. Thus she is unstable!

Lewinsky scandal aka Hillary’s first shoddy coverup or first jab at playing the Lying Queen publicly beginning – January 27 1998.

Hillary Clinton Photographed Dancing, Drinking Beer In Colombia or lushing with the ladies since everyone who’s watching already knew her preference as noted in Hillary’s Lesbian Affair with Muslim Aide? This explains Bill’s never ending hummers November 2007.

Sec of State Hillary Clinton resting after surgery on broken elbow after falling? Was this possibly in sympathy to position and empathize with the Bogus POS POTUS’ first usurping appointee to SCOTUS of Sotomayor Breaks Her Ankle? Both were clumsy within weeks of each other? Sotomayor – June 8 2009 and Clinton – June 17 2009.

Obama, Clinton, in ads Disavowing Anti Muslim Film which ‘Must Not Be Named’  aka the Lying Team starring the Lying King and QueenSeptember 2012.

Hillary Clinton recovering after fainting, suffering a concussion plays hide-n-seek from the public – December 2012.

Some say she’s Teflon, I see pathetic… and now with true and stalwart eyewitness accounts of Benghazi forthcoming, the deception will begin to be revealed and… it’s going to make a HUGE DIFFERENCE! Hillary, you can kiss 2016 good-bye and you best get ready for prison pants suits! But treason and conspiracy require the ultimate penalty, and if it was good enough for Mary Surratt, manly Hillary can handle it!



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3 responses to “Hillary Is All Done… There Will Be No Run for President

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