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Eric Holder… You Got Mail!


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Something Obama Will Never Understand

Memorial Day 2013

It has no agenda attached to it, only respect


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Special Request This Memorial Day for Our Military Lost in ‘Extortion 17’

Via my comment line, within the blog entry Mr. & Mrs. Strange, Parents of Extortion 17 Victim – Michael Strange, Appear on Uncommon Knowledge Along With…, and I support by blogging same…

Submitted on 2013/05/27 at 8:57 am

‪Memorial Day Message. Subject: Extortion 17‬
We worked fast and hard to get this out on memorial day for the sole purpose of helping the families get the answers they need. Please watch and spread this everywhere.

During the Gun Rights Across America Save the 2nd Rally in Philadelphia PA, Charles Strange, Father of Michael Strange, and Former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith speak about the deaths of 31 of our elite military members.

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A Beautiful Beginning to the Memorial Day Weekend

024 - Copy

And always remember, lest we forget, those who have given their all in military service, so that freedom rings with truth forever in The United States of America.


Sunlight like no other 🙂

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June of 1917 Our Forefathers Still Understood the Term Natural Born Citizen!

Thanks to, this weekend, anyone and everyone can freely research military records. Below you will see my Great-Grandfather’s Draft Registration Card.

Note Natural Born


The 1st line contains his name.

The 2nd line is the address.

The 3rd line was his date of birth.

The 4th line is Citizen status. He checked, and rightly so, ‘Natural Born’ on this government document.

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May 24, 2013 · 9:35 pm

Was it a Lack of Sign, Funds, or Sloth that Led to Bridge Collapse in Washington State

Whether it was a lack of signage for bridge height, misuse or non-use of assigned Stimulus Funds provided in 2009, or slovenly prioritization of existing bridge issues last noted in 2010… there is no excuse for a bridge failure in Skagit County Washington this evening!

There’s absolutely no excuse for the lack of protection of the citizenry, for this known issue, continuing for years!

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Where Did Everybody Go? The TEA Party in Washington State Must Love Personal Intrusions by the IRS!

As I previously asked in Where Did Everybody Go? The TEA Party in Washington State Must Love Higher Taxes! on April 15th 2013, i.e. TAX Day, I find myself going there again


Where in the world are all the Tri-Cities Washington TEA Partiers?

So it was sprinkling, then raining hard, it was noon on a Tuesday, you have to walk a half a block to get in the front of the building, you love IRS intrusion into your life, someone else will be there standing in for me… are these your excuses?

This has now been the two most important days of TEA Party support/demonstration in the last year and only one other brave soul, ‘Jean’ who was sitting patiently in her car waiting for the arrival of the masses, turned out. Thank-you Jean and for capturing my solo moment on film. I was there to answer any questions she asked. As the rain increased we parted ways after exchanging emails, when to my surprise the local NBC affiliate News Reporter Zac Summers arrived to conduct interviews. He found me ready, willing, able, and solo.

I see a problem with the IRS when Top IRS Official to Plead Fifth via Breitbart. Anyone else see it?

Bueller… Bueller… Bueller?

Will update with film footage/link later tonight.

Update 10:49 pm PST not my finest work but the dampest

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God Bless Moore Oklahoma

Estacion bcp Salto captured the tornado moving toward Moore Oklahoma, and also as it wound down, by way of various news broadcast captures. Absolutely terrifying when those alarms go off, some were saved but many will have perished as the world learns more over the coming days.

Until today, even having lived inTornado Alley, I had never heard the term Tornado Emergency. That rare term usage was the foreshadow to the devastation that followed.

God Bless Moore Oklahoma as its citizens mourn, recover, and rebuild.

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Was Hillary Lying with Spying Eyeware re: Benghazi?

Finally the product information is coming out, we knew it was there… just a matter of time before the cat was let out of the bag…

Note Hillary’s ‘special glasses’ with a highly unusual horizontal/vertical fracturing (screening) of the right lens as viewed in close-up

Optometry may run in the family, but until one has knowledge that is in the public domain, all suspicions would appear to be only wild theories. The Wall Street Journal with the article Google Glass is Watching – Now What? has confirmed WHAT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Right now, Google Glass, which places a small computer screen above one eye and has a built in motion sensor, camera and microphones, acts like an extension of a person’s smartphone.

It lets the user take photos and record videos by touching the side of the device or speaking commands aloud, as well as allowing them to give Web users access to the device’s camera so they can “see” what the wearer is looking at. People also can use Glass to make phone calls, access Google’s Web search, get turn-by-turn navigation information and receive text messages on the screen, as well as send texts using their voice.

It would explain the report of an alleged head trauma (prior to Hillary’s Benghazi testimony aka testy phoney), as there is a learning curve to getting fed statements ‘Fast and Furiously’, with ease!

google eyewarexx
The feigned outrage was a nice touch though, as she lied directly to Congress, in front of the American People.


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Calling All TEA Party Patriots… We Know DC Fears Us! It IS Protest Time!

Whether the IRS permitted your group to receive status or not, it is time to stand and demand accountability and investigations, up to and including arrests, no matter how high they go.

I am taking the queue from TEA Party Patriots and will be protesting the attacks upon the good and upstanding Conservatives in my Washington State location/Local IRS Office on Tuesday May 21, 2013, HIGH NOON. Will you be at yours?

Do you want a radically and very partial government organization to oversee your heath care? Will they pull a Conservative’s hospital life-sustaining plug via paperwork?

Does this tell you everything you need to know…

Screen Capture from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration report on Page 2 of 54

The IRS has targeted ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ who are TEA Party Members and Patriots!


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