Still Not Buying the Boston #FalseFlag Kill and Capture!

Timing  is so very telling!

Overt mistakes were made over and over, so sloppy… that it could never have been by accident.

Did law enforcement stand in for drones within the USA? Same results, no trials, and a registered kill!

There’s a behind your back… story here, and the bogus administration’s unqualified position holders have displayed their utter lack of any ability to effectively manage the affairs of our great nation.

Now, all I see is a bunch of Washington DC bastardcrats ( yes, they are on both sides of the aisle), rubbing their grubby little hands together, anticipating the cash cow payoff opportunities that new bills will supply!

Why did an entire city have to go on lockdown while a 1-armed and injured 19 year old supposedly hunkered down?

If I have to paint a picture, then you’re just not paying attention because Watertown Massachusetts became the official1st police state‘ city in the USA!

What truly defines a False Flag via Wikipedia (not my favorite source but exact at this moment in time)


Boston qualifies!



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