Putting It All Together – Boston False Flag #FalseFlag

No one is buying into this BS job that the bogus administration is pushing… look at FAA involvement, as early as one month before, by the following screen captures…
bmsWHY was/is the Federal Aviation Administration posting Boston Marathon information?

Pertinent questions and observations and coincidences –

1) Why did no ambulances reach the ‘scene of the blast’ but gurneys and wheelchairs flowed back and forth? Was this for overly dramatic effect?

2) Why did the injured woman/caring man from the trauma tent get connected via a police press conference request? What if he was the crazy assessing his work? Why did later reports remove the reference to him showing her his own scars? Why did one news network establish that he was ‘not former military’ prior to chopped clip bits of the full interview?

3) Why was there a false scare at the Boston courthouse? Why do you suppose so many media reports were inconsistent? Script problems? Stalling to regroup?

4) Why had FBI press conference after press conference been halted, day after day? Was this so Obama could spin control the masses and play Padre Obama from the pulpit today?

5) Why this ? UPDATE: Saudi ‘Person Of Interest’ Allegedly Cleared Of Involvement Suddenly Being Deported?

6) Why did law enforcement put out an immediate verbal call to hit social media amidst this event?

7) What is going on with the person, who’s obviously behind the blue tarp, crouched on the scissor lift?

Below are two different reports that prove that you need to pay attention to an engineered effect, more than likely through this usurped government with paid mercenaries, black-ops, or paramilitary, staged for outrage!

Why, when this event had so many cameras, would any law enforcement request any footage that has already gone viral from attendees? They can’t fix them all, yet, now… they want to denounce all other images. I call Bull $hit when I see it!



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