While Boston is on the Radar, Various Schools Across the Country Go on Lockdowns

The current administration Can Not multi-task

What is going on with this? Is this a liberal tooling of America while everyone is distracted by Boston? Today, in no particular order and without corresponding details, some form of school lockdown today

Teays Valley West Middle School – Commercial Point, OH

Fairfield Middle School – Fairfield, IA

Lakeview Junior High School – Pickering OH

West Riviera Elementary – Palm Beach, FL

Tarrant County College – Arlington, TX

Citrus Elementary School – Ocoee, FL

Temple High School – Temple, TX

Cedar Grove Elementary – Kanawha County WV

Abbeville High School – Abbeville, AL

Whitworth-Buchanan & Buchanan Elementary – Murfreesboro, TN

International Studies Academy – San Francisco

Mescalero Apache (K-12) – New Mexico

Tenoroc High School – Lakeland, FL

Henry Wilson Elementary School – Manchester, NH

Carroll University – Waukesha, WI

Sibley Elementary School – Grand Rapids, MI

West Memphis (all schools) – West Memphis, AR

Hornedo Middle & Lundy Elementary School – El Paso, TX

Alhambra Elementary – Alhambra, IL

Montford Middle & Roberts Elementary – Tallahassee, FL

EJ Martinez Elementary School – Santa Fe, NM

New Lebanon (all schools) – New Lebanon, OH

Wells Station Elementary – Memphis, TN

Coincidence, Unlikely… and this in not all-inclusive… for TODAY!

Mentions of gun carrying passersby, robberies, police pursuits, gunshots, mysterious people… looks like the liberals were looking for an opportunity, while the nation is distracted, to terrorize children in schools with each and every lockdown. These same children will go home and inform their parents of these lockdown events. The parents will then become fearful of possible school intruders and guns. Win for the Liberal BS Spin!

I see staged for rage!


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