So Your ‘Special’ Day is Months Away and You Want to Aggravate Everyone?

Well I know now that there are two ‘gentlemen’ I wouldn’t assist with anything and with all of their bad publicity I hope that what goes around, comes around…

I don’t care personally what your lifestyle is, but when you interfere with me and mine or have the potential to… then you are not worthy of any business interactions. Your personal lives you have chosen to put on full display and now your business transactions. What’s next? The word privacy exists for a reason and because you decide not to use it, you abuse it?

This recent article, by Ty Beaver in the Tri-City Herald, details this Nosegay dilemma via Family values organization interested in joining Arlene’s Flowers dispute.

I believe I should go into business and make a new sign that will state

I built this business, I pay my taxes, I  pay my bills and I have the right to refuse service at anytime to anyone! And since it is mine, it is none of your business why!

Bet these sell faster than hotcakes in today’s world!



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3 responses to “So Your ‘Special’ Day is Months Away and You Want to Aggravate Everyone?

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    Oh the AG of Washington’s Office has heard from me 🙂

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