Just a Generation Ago…

…our young little family was living in military housing. Military bases were safe and secure with neighbors looking out for neighbors with deployed family members. If there were any deaths on any bases back in the day, it was due to unforeseen accidents or really poor Presidents like Carter with Tehran and Clinton with Mogadishu, that sent many of our military dead back home through Dover AFB. Yet under this current USURPER we have lost dozens of military men and women on bases inside the contiguous states as well as numerous events overseas such as aerial crashes involving Seal Team members and Benghazi.

Also in days of old we lived in small to medium-sized communities with wonderful law enforcement officials, when no one would ever consider speaking back in disrespect to an officer, let alone gunning down one in cold blood. Unfortunately it seems to be the norm these past few years from Border Agent Brian Terry to today’s West Virginia Sheriff Eugene Crum and too many in between!

Now there has been a new group of professionals victimized as of late… court and justice officials that has sometimes included the spouse in these homicides. I don’t say what is going on, but why is it going on?

If I might offer a smidgeon of insight, a favorite quote of mine from Silence of the Lambs

“… doesn’t this random scattering of sites seem desperately random – like the elaborations of a bad liar…”

seems to be more real today than a bit of fiction. Actually it would appear to be spot on!


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