I Have Lost One of My Best Gal Pals, Sherry Clanton aka STXherry, on Twitter

Notice from KamaainaInOC this evening:

sherry is gone

I miss you, Girl!

sherry profile
Although she was ill at the time she retweeted my message with link,

and only sporadically continued on Twitter for another month last year, we got in another phone call or two.

She was full of life, and a really happy and special patriot. She was the Conservative Go-To Gal who could connect the right people

sherry facebook

whether by Social Media, Phone, or by Car. If you knew Sherry, you’d understand.

I’ll never forget the day that you were my test dummy as I set up the USTREAM channel. It was a blast 🙂 or how you would call me cracking up because at the end of one of my current tweets I would add bwa ha ha!

I know that you are in heaven and being hugged by your twin sister. Your earthly family and friends will never forget your love, fighting spirit, and tenacity. Rest until we meet again… Bobbi



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11 responses to “I Have Lost One of My Best Gal Pals, Sherry Clanton aka STXherry, on Twitter

  1. So sorry for your loss. hugs and prayers.

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  5. Well said. We will all be together again one day. Thanks for your thoughts on an amazing lady and even better friend to one and all.

  6. Sherry was one of my very first Twitter friends and fellow Texan. I will miss her very much! @hoosierem.

  7. Cousin Gil is surprised how many times folks came into the #TeamSTXherry stream to say “Sherry was one of my earliest twttr followers” … her twttr radar is well honed… the proof is found in all those who returned to share and console one another as she stepped off this planet for the next adventure in her life…

    God’s still blessing Sherry…

  8. myfoxmystere

    Sherry and I followed each other on Twitter. I feel for her family; cancer can be one of the most brutal diseases to suffer from. Sherry is aware of another gal who is also going through a terminal battle with cancer, @Amusing_Bunni. I’m giving you guys a heads up as well, since Bunni needs help and prayers. Bunni also needs financial help, since she is unable to work anymore. She will soon meet Sherry, and be watching over us as well. Bunni is also a conservative blogger Amusing Bunni, and is keeping up the good fight, just like Sherry. Sherry is now cheering all of us on! And our good LORD God said to her, “Well done faithful servant! Enter into the Joy Of the Lord!”

    Edward @myfoxmystere
    mystere’s moonbat slayer club, mystere’s moonbat spanker

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