Salt & Pepper Sprays

Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden visiting the Vatican…

Pair of Salt Pillars

Pair of Salt Pillars

always looking back, in angst, to Washington DC where their evil works are never undone.

By the way Nanny Plastic and Joe ‘Bite Me’ Biden, there will never be a Pope that can or wants to wash away your stains of sins. Heaven is just a tad more loftier than the U.S. Senate.

And speaking of lying former Senators, Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama, who is hell bent and as crooked as they come; is shortly flying to Israel this evening. This visit is for what purpose… other than to be a calamity agitator.

Pepper Spray Away

Pepper Spray Away

Now the Usurper, Bogus POTUS, and Resident in Thief at the White House must know that Hamas Threatens War If Obama Visits Israel’s Temple Mount.

Hey Obogus, I don’t think Hamas totes Pepper Spray… are you playing Chicken’ or ‘Truth or Dare’ because the entire planet knows you are up to no good since you so closely resemble the Devil himself. 


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