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I Have Lost One of My Best Gal Pals, Sherry Clanton aka STXherry, on Twitter

Notice from KamaainaInOC this evening:

sherry is gone

I miss you, Girl!

sherry profile
Although she was ill at the time she retweeted my message with link,

and only sporadically continued on Twitter for another month last year, we got in another phone call or two.

She was full of life, and a really happy and special patriot. She was the Conservative Go-To Gal who could connect the right people

sherry facebook

whether by Social Media, Phone, or by Car. If you knew Sherry, you’d understand.

I’ll never forget the day that you were my test dummy as I set up the USTREAM channel. It was a blast 🙂 or how you would call me cracking up because at the end of one of my current tweets I would add bwa ha ha!

I know that you are in heaven and being hugged by your twin sister. Your earthly family and friends will never forget your love, fighting spirit, and tenacity. Rest until we meet again… Bobbi



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F List Celebrity Behaving Badly… Enter Jim Eugene Carrey

Jim Carrey Holds Major Public Meltdown on Twitter day after day… today’s tweets are reminiscent of a spoiled child holding a temper tantrum filibuster… although proper children would never use such language!


he feels guilty about making 99 cents off of the bodies of dead children with every download of his childish and cheesy ‘hate’ production on Itunes, or that he’s working on a book for children dealing with a metaphysical world ( The Wave has been done before for children and it reveals the Liberal hate techniques) where he’ll be attempting to profit off of living children… hmm… Note: In his ‘story’ the wave’s name is to be Roland... like roll in or role in? His central life theme seems to be children and profiteering, whether they be living or dead. Now that is truly sick! Which action is the Publicity Stunt?

Well Jim likes the movies, right? Here’s a dilly and it’s all about his shooting… shooting off his mouth…

Now this is entertainment!

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The Taller They Are, The More Killing Occurs

or maybe it’s higher…

Windmills or
Eagle death at Nevada wind farm brings federal scrutiny
Astronauts or
Gabrielle Giffords’ husband Mark Kelly pulls family dog off baby sea lion on Calif. beach And he needed a gun… for what… the video explains so much. What if that had been a human being? Callous!

Where is PETA? Never around for anything major like a

Religious group that tends to highjack planes and fly them into buildings or
Hey Tennesseans, did you know you’re now funding an all-Halal food pantry for your Muslim parasites?

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Dr. David Evans of Australia Slams Global Warming Sham on Uncommon Knowledge

Dr. David Evans had the opportunity to visit Denise and I on a conference phone call last week that was good timing for all. He was the best and went into new directions and detailed the money plight of fright and goon control that the globalists continue to clamor for. Plainly, and with true stats, Dr. Evans makes the case that the world has been had!

We recorded the call for tonight’s show playback

Listen to
internet radio with PatriotResistance on Blog Talk Radio

Learn more about Dr. Evans at the following links

And his Mrs.

He’s one of the ‘Good Guys’ in today’s troubled world. See the following videos

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This one was particularly ‘spot on’ and a good laugh. Conservatives have far too few opportunities to laugh these days. I look forward to every Saturday morning’s video 🙂

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Maybe Just a Bit of Transparency Slipped Out Today

For the very first time, Obama confirms his oft-used staged theatrics of a heckler or a fainter, while speaking today in Israel. The very telling tidbit follows

…I have to say we actually arranged for that because it made me feel at home… You know, I… I wouldn’t feel comfortable if I didn’t have at least one heckler…

Questions or Postulations~

1) It would be very interesting, possibly enlightening, for a roving reporter to interview said heckler and see who he/she was and any or all administration affiliations.
2) The staged theatrics are growing old. It’s a snore.
3) How weak to admit how poorly one is received… and that it happens on a regular and reoccurring basis.

This Election Thief, Usurper, Bogus POS POTUS, Fraud, Charlatan and Treasonous Traitor is less than a man and truly an embarrassment for The United States of America. Overseas, leaders have met U.S. Presidents, and Obama, you are no president. However, you do hold the position of the highest paid Section 8 resident in ‘We The People’s’ White House.

May all your virgins be camels and infested with tiny Michelles!

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Illegal Recall Attempt to Recall Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference Information

Press Conference
Date: March 21, 2013
Time: 2:00 P.M.
Place: Grace Inn
10831 S. 51st Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85044
(Phoenix, Arizona). On March 21, 2013, the Citizens to Protect Fair Election Results (CPFER) will hold a press conference with their legal counsel, Larry Klayman, to announce the filing of a complaint in the Superior Court of Arizona (Maricopa County) to block the illegal recall effort by an ultra left wing pro-illegal immigrant group which, ironically, calls itself Respect Arizona.
As alleged in the complaint , this recall effort is barred by the Arizona Constitution, as it is untimely, six months not having run since the election and swearing in of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and is also in violation of the due process and equal protection clauses of both the Arizona and U.S. Constitutions, as it seeks to nullify the legitimate votes of the majority of citizens who handily reelected the sheriff last November 6, 2012. This illegal recall effort is also alleged to constitute an abuse of process, wasting taxpayer resources.
The complaint seeks a declaratory ruling that any signatures thus far obtained by Respect Arizona are null and void and seeks preliminary and permanent injunctive relief shutting down the recall effort.
States attorney Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch but representing the voters of Maricopa County in his private capacity in this case, “There are no valid legal or factual reasons to initiate a recall of Sheriff Arpaio, and this effort by ultra leftist pro illegal immigrant vigilantes is simply an illegal effort to harass and prevent the sheriff from carrying out the important duties the people of Maricopa County elected him to do. My clients, the voters who reelected Sheriff Joe, will not stand by and see the electoral system of Arizona perverted for partisan purposes, at great taxpayer expense.”
A copy of the complaint will be available at the press conference and questions will be taken from the media. Contact Larry Klayman, ESQ 855-9-CITIZEN


A copy of the complaint will be available at the press conference and questions will be taken from the media. Contact Larry Klayman, ESQ 855-9-CITIZEN

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Salt & Pepper Sprays

Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden visiting the Vatican…

Pair of Salt Pillars

Pair of Salt Pillars

always looking back, in angst, to Washington DC where their evil works are never undone.

By the way Nanny Plastic and Joe ‘Bite Me’ Biden, there will never be a Pope that can or wants to wash away your stains of sins. Heaven is just a tad more loftier than the U.S. Senate.

And speaking of lying former Senators, Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama, who is hell bent and as crooked as they come; is shortly flying to Israel this evening. This visit is for what purpose… other than to be a calamity agitator.

Pepper Spray Away

Pepper Spray Away

Now the Usurper, Bogus POTUS, and Resident in Thief at the White House must know that Hamas Threatens War If Obama Visits Israel’s Temple Mount.

Hey Obogus, I don’t think Hamas totes Pepper Spray… are you playing Chicken’ or ‘Truth or Dare’ because the entire planet knows you are up to no good since you so closely resemble the Devil himself. 

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Will Hanford Be in the Pink Handing Out Pink Slips? Don’t Bet Your Life on It!

Since Hanford is experiencing so many problems it’s so comforting to see today’s local headline… NOT!


Will fewer workers mean safer working conditions, ample warnings, and a  speedier cleanup? It has not happened yet, with a full crew, so… that would be a huge… NO!


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