The Traveling Package

The United States Post Office performance, personally observed this year, has been abysmal…

The USPS wants to blow off mail delivery on Saturdays later this year but maintain package deliveries. Where is the savings and where is the efficiency? The same amount of trucks will be out delivering, with the same amount of workers, and doing less!

This year, I have initiated 2 claims for missing/destroyed packages (the itinerary of one claim started to locate is below) and this doesn’t even take into account the condition of received letters, magazines, and other packages (in two states that I have lived this year). It is not isolated, it is pervasive.


Note the date of package received in New York was 2-1-13 shipping Priority Mail to Washington State with an expected delivery of 2-4-13… When does a U.S. sent and bound domestically package need to be routed through Germany for a 3 week vacation? Dummkopfs, and on a side note it took less than 2 days to make it to Germany, hmm?



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