The Missing History of United States’ 511 POW Camps

While watching Mysteries At The Museum tonight I watched the episode about the escape of 25 prisoners of war during WWII from Papago Park prison in Arizona in 1944. Having lived in Arizona previously, I knew that there was some history of POW camps in the past. Also I remembered that, when we were stationed at a little NavFac in Lewes Delaware, one of the locals told me that this base had at one time been a POW camp and had held Germans. They told me that they had worked there (also what landmarks and structures to observe when I was on base), way back when… and this relay of information is also from way back when. So naturally, I am the curious sort and started digging…

Yes indeed, not only did Papago Park Arizona (as reported on tonight’s TV show) and Lewes a branch camp under DuPont Delaware (as I had been notified and personally inspected years ago) exist… according to Gary North in his article (a 1 page eye-opener to be sure) America’s World War II Prison Camps

“…When the war was over, there were 425,000 enemy prisoners in 511 main and branch camps throughout the United States…”

511 POW CAMPS! Did anyone ever get taught this in school over the last 70 years or so? Doubtful!

Here is an online resource, POW Camps in the USA, by clicking on any state highlighted it will take you to all POW camps in that state. Do you live near or work in a former POW camp?


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