Pointing Out the Obvious to the Oblivious!

Maybe the old days of being a Navy wife have left me skeptical…

Have you heard that the Carnival cruise ship Triumph finally docked in Alabama this evening?

Where was the Armada de México when she lost power off the coast of Yucatan? Where was the U.S. Navy while she pitched or bobbed in the Gulf of Mexico? Where was the U.S. Coast Guard as she was towed into Alabama?

What if this ship had begun to take on water and sink? Thank goodness it did not suffer Titanic numbered casualties!

I find it particular distasteful that the passengers suffered the basic comforts of life… for days.

3 separate military bodies from 2 countries couldn’t even make use of this deplorable situation to practice and hone rescue operations? Geesh!

What would have happened if the Triumph had been further out to sea? hmm?


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