The Honorable Richard B. Sanders, First Time Ever, Represents Private Citizen Linda Jordan

The Text of the Press Release

Former Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders Defends Homemaker Who Challenged Obama’s Forged ID
Press Release Tuesday February 5, 2013
The government is hiding the ball to oppress a patriotic private citizen; It’s time to fight.

From Birther Report.Com: As many know Linda Jordan was sanctioned almost $13,000 for challenging Obama’s use of forged identity documents to get on the ballot in Washington state. Linda contacted several attorneys seeking representation and only one was brave enough to step up to the plate. His name is Richard B. Sanders from the Goodstein Law Group in Tacoma, Washington. Mr. Sanders was a justice on the Washington State Supreme Court from 1995 to 2010. contacted Mr. Sanders for a public statement on why he decided to take on Linda Jordan’s plight. Mr. Sanders provided the following on February 3rd, 2013.
Statement from the Honorable Richard B. Sanders:
For the first time in 17 years, 15 of those sitting on the Washington Supreme Court, I have agreed to represent a private citizen. And I am pleased to lend Linda Jordan a helping hand.
In good faith Ms. Jordan commenced an action to question President Obama’s name on the ballot. She did the best she could with limited resources and no legal training. The government’s response was immediate and in some respects heavy handed. Having obtained a summary dismissal of her case, and then her appeal, the attorney general went further to demand the Secretary of State be reimbursed, claiming attorney fees amounting to almost $13,000. However what the attorney general did not tell the court is that the Secretary never actually paid this amount, nor was he billed this amount, nor probably anything close to it. The number is made up, pure fiction. The AG did not disclose the actual amount to the court probably because the objective is to get a punitive judgment for as much as he can without regard to actual expenditures which were much less.
My motion to modify and reduce the court clerk’s award of almost $13,000 will attempt to direct the court’s attention to the truth of the matter: that once again the government is hiding the ball to oppress a patriotic private citizen of modest means because she exercised her right to access the courts. This is not compensatory but punitive. It is not justice but oppression. Moreover $13,000 is truly an outlandish sum to obtain dismissal of an appeal the AG claimed was entirely lacking in merit. No wonder people mistrust the government, lawyers and the court system. It’s time to fight.
Richard B. Sanders
Lawyer – end –

Linda Jordan provided the following statement in response:

“I am humbled, grateful and hopeful to have Richard Sanders representing me. The Courts do, after all, play a role in the effort to reveal the truth and serve justice.” – Linda Jordan –

Press Contact:  Linda Jordan  206.227.1527



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4 responses to “The Honorable Richard B. Sanders, First Time Ever, Represents Private Citizen Linda Jordan

  1. Shari Hodges

    Please contact me. I’m a paralegal. I worked for Occidental College’s attorneys. I was suspicious also, so I kept trying to find information. I can prove Obama is not a citizen. Someone else went to Federal Court and obtained Stanley Ann Dunham’s passport files. They were posted online. It took me less than 5 minutes to realize that his mother tried to fake a US passport for her son. I am familiar with these forms. You don’t need his birth certificate. All you have to do is subpoena the Passport Legal Office to the stand, and have them testify to the authenticity of his mother’s passport files. Children traveled on their parent’s passports when Obama was a child. If he was a citizen, the passport office would never let him leave Hawaii unless his photo and documents were included on his mother’s passport. There should have been a photo of her and her son, together. She went to the Jakarta Consulate, and tried to add him AFTER they were living in Indonesia. The Passport office rejected her application. its all right there in black and white. No pun intended. Contact me.

  2. Dear Linda: I am a trained lawyer. I was licensed in Washington State, and in fact I know Richard Sanders. I have had the privilege of having him speak to one of my street law classes in I taught while still in law school. He is a great man of integrity and character. I have had such admiration for him as an attorney and as one of our justices in WA. He was the one we could always count on to stand for what was right legally and ethically, not caving into the current PC trend. He was the candle in the hurricane on the Supreme Court bench, so to speak. I am thrilled to know you are being represented by him, and so excited to think we may actually get somewhere with opening and exposing the truth about Obama. It is a travesty that an unlawful thug could be sitting in our White House unfettered by his unlawful acts. How can this have happened here? How can we let this go on? I too have researched these issues, written about them, and have tried to get folks to help me take them into the court system to no avail. God bless you for what you have and are doing. I would love to help in any manner I can. I could help to raise money for your defense fund, and perhaps to help take this further, if Justice Sanders would agree to continue. I am willing to do most anything. Just let me know. Right now I live in Virginia, but with technology, it would not be difficult to communicate and dive in. Let me know if there is anything I can do. You will be in my prayers for certain, and I too am a believer, a follower of Christ, so know you have spiritual support as well. Hope we can talk at some point. Annette Willis Mastick

    • Shari

      Since you’re a lawyer, I don’t have to tell you that all of this has to be resolved in the Federal Courts. I am a corporate paralegal with a lot of experience in Federal litigation – I’m not litigous, but I bring cases whenever I think there is a serious problem that I can handle. I try to hire an attorney, but the cost is usually prohibitive. So I weigh all the problems, and then decide whether to file or not file. I have a case going right now in the 9th Circuit – the case is good, its just that the court keeps dismissing it on an erroneous reading of the statute of limitations. We are now en banc, arguing about this statute. The defense in this case, asked for attorneys fees and sanctions in the lower court. So I know a little bit about this. I researched, and found out that in Federal court, everybody is responsible for their own attorneys’ fees. The court only grants fees or sanctions, when the case is frivilous – and that is defined as something like, suing your neighbor for building an imaginary space ship at night, keeping you awake – it has to be a complete lunacy – if the case has any merit, it is not frivilous. A lot of lawyers and courts have been “redefining” what is frivilous. The court in my case, denied his attorneys fees – so he appealed to the 9th Circuit – who also called his request “out of order” (or something similar), and also denied it. He also pumped up his fees – I went over his costs – he basically tripled his costs.

      I know that if you are suing the government, they also have to absorb their own fees – the reason, and you can find the cases – the Federal courts have already ruled that if a private citizen has to pay fees to the government – it would prevent a private citizen from using the Courts – the Courts have never endorsed a practice where citizens are penalized for bringing an action against the government – only a few judges who are obviously ignorant of that fact – go around making these rulings. If you need help finding the cases – I can dredge them up- it seems to me that a simple appeal would have resolved this – but they may have blown the appeal date – which means, you would have to bring an additional motion to file an appeal under special circumstances – and you can claim as a pro se that you hired an attorney – which relieves you of the personal responsibility – I say go back in, or file a special writ and get back in – the judge in this case was wrong – just throwing his weight around

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