Example of Overtaxation from Yesteryear…

and now it’s here, there, and everywhere in The United States of America…

I saw this piece last night on TCM (and everyone knows how much I love TCM), so I was glad to see that someone captured it on YouTube.

THE CASE against THE 20% FEDERAL ADMISSIONS TAX on Motion Picture Theatres

New targeted businesses, same old wsys, during this greedy usurping administration.



Filed under Agenda 21, Conservative View, Taxation

3 responses to “Example of Overtaxation from Yesteryear…

  1. apparantly some mega corp theaters wanted to put out of business competitors, so they used their lobbying power or power of intimidation to get congress to approve this also income taxes are to be leveled against profit not capital investment or gross so the congress was already shown to be a criminal enterprise. they are breaking their own laws.

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