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Molded Hard Plastic No Match for the USPS

Update to yesterday’s The Traveling Package blog entry…


As received today 27 days after it was shipped! And might I reiterate… The USPS is an abomination under the Obamanation!


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The Traveling Package

The United States Post Office performance, personally observed this year, has been abysmal…

The USPS wants to blow off mail delivery on Saturdays later this year but maintain package deliveries. Where is the savings and where is the efficiency? The same amount of trucks will be out delivering, with the same amount of workers, and doing less!

This year, I have initiated 2 claims for missing/destroyed packages (the itinerary of one claim started to locate is below) and this doesn’t even take into account the condition of received letters, magazines, and other packages (in two states that I have lived this year). It is not isolated, it is pervasive.


Note the date of package received in New York was 2-1-13 shipping Priority Mail to Washington State with an expected delivery of 2-4-13… When does a U.S. sent and bound domestically package need to be routed through Germany for a 3 week vacation? Dummkopfs, and on a side note it took less than 2 days to make it to Germany, hmm?


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Freedom Loving Freedom Fighting Patriots Tonight on Uncommon Knowledge Jerrol Lebaron and Scott Ennis

Tonight’s show was all about legislation and protection listen in…

In the first hour Jerrol Lebaron of Honor in Office and

and in the second hour Scott Ennis founder of Disabled Americans for Firearms Rights

dstopped by Uncommon Knowledge. Mr. Ennis also recommended another Scott… Scott Wilson of Connecticut Citizens Defense League, Inc.

lOn tonight’s show I referenced to Denise’s (co-host) article that is pertinent to all Guns, Veterans, Competency, and PTSD.

This is a wake-up call Patriots! Above are resources and links waiting for you to explore. GET INVOLVED NOW!

You don’t know, what you don’t know until you are told NO!

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Sick of the Pop-Ups of BHO With Uncle Joe

The Usurper and the Slurper

sick of the popups
If they were winning the argument, they wouldn’t be shilling their swill with our taxpayer dollars!

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Hanford Site: Reactive or Radioactive?

Hanford Double Talk… Can you dig it?
002 - Copy
According to Hanford Site’s own sign

All Persons/Vehicles are Subject to Search for Prohibited Articles
Prohibited Articles for the Hanford Site Include:
Weapons, Ammunition, Explosives, and Incendiary or other Devices which could cause Property Damage or Personal Injury, Controlled Substances, Drug Paraphernalia, Alcoholic Beverages, Potable Alcohol and Contraband.

My Notice is that the words Nuclear, Radioactive, Danger, Contamination, Waste, Leeching and Leaching, Groundwater, Containment, Warning, Bio-Hazard, Life-threatening, Safety Wear, Daily Radiation Level, Contingency Plan are not listed anywhere. It’s not as if there are indications, and for years, that there are problems on site.

The new Governor of Washington state, Jay Inslee, crafted a puff Press Release after his meeting with U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu:

Governor Inslee’s statement on leaking tanks at Hanford

Feb 22, 2013
CONTACT: Jaime Smith 360-902-0617

U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu told Washington Gov. Jay Inslee today that the U.S. Department of Energy has determined there are six, single-shell tanks leaking radioactive waste at Hanford. Last week, the governor was told about one of those tanks. There are a total of 177 tanks at the Hanford site, 149 of which are single-shell tanks.

“I met with Secretary Chu in Washington, D.C., this afternoon, and he told me that the Department of Energy has now confirmed there are six tanks leaking radioactive waste at Hanford.

“There is no immediate or near-term health risk associated with these newly discovered leaks, which are more than five miles from the Columbia River.

“But nonetheless this is disturbing news for all Washingtonians. One week ago, Secretary Chu told me there was one tank leaking. But he told me today that his department did not adequately analyze data it had that would have shown the other tanks that are leaking.

“This certainly raises serious questions about the integrity of all 149 single-shell tanks with radioactive liquid and sludge at Hanford.

“I believe we need a new system for removing waste from these aging tanks, and was heartened to hear that the Department of Energy is looking at options for accelerating that process.

“Secretary Chu has a long-standing personal commitment to the clean-up of Hanford. He has assured me he will do all he can to address the issue of the leaking tanks. He also assured me there will be immediate additional monitoring of the single-wall tanks.

“The secretary and I agree that the state of Washington and the federal government must have a thorough and candid discussion about the need for additional storage tanks.

“Frankly, the state Department of Ecology is not convinced that current storage is adequate to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

“With potential sequestration and federal budget cuts looming, we need to be sure the federal government maintains its commitment and legal obligation to the cleanup of Hanford. To see Hanford workers furloughed at the exact moment we have additional leakers out there is completely unacceptable.”

And then there is this bit of reassurance, NOT!

Treatment plant at Hanford may not be done by 2019 deadline

Where’s the Sierra Club? They could be protesting for years at the gate?
Where’s all the Greenies? This is tangible, not like the phantom ‘Climate Change’scam.

Anyone, locally, statewide… even nationwide, feel that efficiency is just around the corner?


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Is Reggie Love a Dickstraction for Obama?

He appears to play consort and/or inspiration at special times for the Usurper

And we all know that Obama is The First Gay President and explains why this Bogus POTUS wants the U.S. Supreme Court Justices to overturn anti-gay marriage law.

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The Missing History of United States’ 511 POW Camps

While watching Mysteries At The Museum tonight I watched the episode about the escape of 25 prisoners of war during WWII from Papago Park prison in Arizona in 1944. Having lived in Arizona previously, I knew that there was some history of POW camps in the past. Also I remembered that, when we were stationed at a little NavFac in Lewes Delaware, one of the locals told me that this base had at one time been a POW camp and had held Germans. They told me that they had worked there (also what landmarks and structures to observe when I was on base), way back when… and this relay of information is also from way back when. So naturally, I am the curious sort and started digging…

Yes indeed, not only did Papago Park Arizona (as reported on tonight’s TV show) and Lewes a branch camp under DuPont Delaware (as I had been notified and personally inspected years ago) exist… according to Gary North in his article (a 1 page eye-opener to be sure) America’s World War II Prison Camps

“…When the war was over, there were 425,000 enemy prisoners in 511 main and branch camps throughout the United States…”

511 POW CAMPS! Did anyone ever get taught this in school over the last 70 years or so? Doubtful!

Here is an online resource, POW Camps in the USA, by clicking on any state highlighted it will take you to all POW camps in that state. Do you live near or work in a former POW camp?

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Truth or Scare? Who is a Target?

Early indications were provided?

Liberal Hollywood fantasizes?

How much more evidence do you need? DHS trains to shoot pregnant women, old men, children with guns (see photos)

SEE ALL THE PHOTOS at  Natural News

The manufacturer of the targets screen-captured selling page follows


Nothing says gun, like a bun in the oven… REALLY?

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Washington State Gun Grab Legislation

Watch every and all bills in your own state legislatures. Sometimes they will run separately and in tandem like here in Washington with

1147 HBA JUDI 13
1588 HBA JUDI 13
1612 HBA JUDI 13

but often legislation is hidden as riders to bills that have nothing to do with the subject at hand.


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