1951 He Is an American via Sunshine Magazine and The New York Sun

Back in the good old days… sunlight, truth, and the American way meant something…

A blast from the past Sunshine Magazine

Sunshine Magazine October 1951

Sunshine Magazine October 1951

in which the picture above shows front and back.  I want to key in on just the back and the excerpts from an editorial in the New York Sun

He Is an American

He Is an American

He Is an American

He hears an airplane overhead, and if he looks up at all, does so in security, neither in fear nor in the hope of seeing a protector.
His wife goes marketing, and her purchases are limited by her needs, tastes, and budget, but not by decree.
He comes home of an evening through streets which are well lighted, not dimly in blue.
He reads his newspaper, and knows that what it says is not concocted by a bureau, but and honest, untrammeled effort to present the truth.
He belongs to such fraternal organizations and clubs as he wishes.
He adheres to a political party to the extent that he desires – reserves the right to criticize any of its policies – even if his convictions dictate that the theory of government of the country is wrong and should be scrapped.
He does not believe, if his party is out of power, that the only way in which it can come into power is through a bloody revolution.
He converses with friends, even with chance acquaintances, expressing freely his opinion on any subject, without fear.
He does not expect his mail to be opened between posting and receipt, nor his telephone to be tapped.
He changes his place of dwelling and does not report so doing to the police.
He has not registered with the police.
He carries an identification card only in case he should be the victim of a traffic accident.
He thinks of his neighbors across international borders as though they were across a state line rather than as foreigners.
He worships God in the fashion of his choice, without let.
He should struggle to preserve his Americanism with all its priceless privileges.
He is a fortunate man – he is an American!

This is The United States of America I knew and grew up in!


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