Muslim A$$hattery at Christmas Concert This Evening

Look Islam… I don’t go to your events… (oh wait, you don’t have any public events that can even be endorsed by public schools) … to disrupt, attack, or act with hateful disrespect… so why do you think a$$hattery by your people should be tolerated?

Tonight I witnessed an ignorant Muslim mother as she came in late and fed her children McDonald’s kids’ meals during the concert. This included the BOGUS POTUS approved apple packs, that always smell like rotten food, as she stuffed her face with her own double cheeseburger. How utterly disrespectful! After her little family meal was finished she began texting while her kids were playing games & squealing like pigs with an Ipad.

Christmas music flowed on.

The be-scarved grandmother felt the need to sit next to me, and the entire time she either chatted on the phone about a baby shower or was texting.

Christmas music flowed on.

Did I say anything to themNoat themYes!

You just can’t teach human manners in one hour to those who don’t respect human life in general! Just another case of Muslims behaving badly... and then they wonder why all other people despise them!


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    Arkansas, I am missing you at times 🙂

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